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Friday, April 19 2024

Arthika Rajesh Shetty

Putting up with everything ‘nahi chalega’ citizens

04-Dec-2022 Features

Firstly, there wasno street lights in few places. And even if it was there, there was hardly any visibility. With the car headlight and the light from the cars on the opposite side of the road, I managed to somehow...

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We women need a break too, take that without guilt!

06-Nov-2022 Features

Post this, you try and squeeze a little time for meditation/exercise before you carry on with the lunch preparation. It really feels good to take...

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Realise your travel dreams as if there’s no tomorrow

02-Oct-2022 Musings of Housemaker

Since I was a young child, I have wanted to be able to travel with a companion using the money I would earn for myself....

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‘Maid’ in India, domestic help that women are grateful for

04-Sep-2022 Column

Then there are some days when she will come and ask for 'raje' (holiday). I literally want to go to her feet and beg her...

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Monsoon ‘magic’ on Smart City Mangaluru

07-Aug-2022 Editor's Choice

When the monsoons arrive, our wonderful city is submerged under water. There is no way for us to take our vehicles onto the road because...

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Generation gap is only until you interact with your children

03-Jul-2022 Column

I am a proud mother of two boys. They do make me feel proud on several occasions. I am happy to see them growing into...

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Giving comes naturally to humans, let it remain so

05-Jun-2022 Editor's Choice

Now, the trend of giving has become so fashionable that everybody wants to donate.  Here, we want to donate and post the pictures on social...

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People’s apathy towards public assets vs Babudom’s disdain

01-May-2022 Column

We wou;d not litter our homes nor we do it a foreign country where we will be heavily fined. Then why do we do it...

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Value your bond with beloved ones for unregretful goodbyes

03-Apr-2022 Column

We normally tend to get busy with our day-to-day activities and miss to observe how the months and years are passing by without us enjoying...

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Summer holidays, then and now, hope fun experience stays on

06-Mar-2022 Column

There is quite a difference between the holidays during our times and the holidays kids are having...

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Everything in universe a marvel, let’s begin with thanking our own body

06-Feb-2022 Editor's Choice

I have always been mesmerised by this whole universe. The functioning of the Earth, sunrise, sunset, moons and stars, rivers, mountains, forests, animals and...

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