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Saturday, January 29 2022

Brian Fernandes

In giving we receive; in being dutiful, we become strong..

25-Jan-2022 Brian's Subtle Humour

Come on guys. Cheer up.  Soon it will be bud-get day. They get, you give. Get it?  You've gotta give, before (if) you...

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Megapari App Review – best mobile betting app

22-Jan-2022 Online Games

All the information you need to get started betting and gambling with the Megapari app India. Learn how to download the Megapari app and register...

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Principles of Technical Analysis

21-Jan-2022 Markets

Technical analysis is a method designed by Charles Dow to predict security...

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This week’s learning: Vacs before you wane!

18-Jan-2022 Brian's Subtle Humour

Indeed, there was wave of weddings during the third wave! Some were incredibly inviting - so many were invited to watch the couple initiate divorce...

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The Battle of Balaclava is still being fought!!!

11-Jan-2022 Brian's Subtle Humour

With Elections to five states just around the corner, politicians have been going around the corners to inaugurate a slew of projects that are ostensibly...

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Diapers don’t disappear. They are changed!

28-Dec-2021 Brian's Subtle Humour

Remember the Bell Bottom and long hair fashion we had? Well, its slowly coming...

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Santa Says: Spread my message, not my dressage!

21-Dec-2021 Brian's Subtle Humour

Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, with a large number of magical elves, and nine flying reindeer with whose help, Santa Claus has been...

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Wave, Ripple or Tipple – what’s your preference?

14-Dec-2021 Brian's Subtle Humour

What spreads faster than omicron? News about Omicron. Which Countries have it in what number? Which states have...

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Deadlines are for the living, the dead just lie!

07-Dec-2021 Column

A democracy in letter (plenty of them) but not in spirit - that is because in some areas it is banned (Spirit) and in others...

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Covid, conversions, conversations, and coins!

30-Nov-2021 Column

The virus changes its nationality and allegiances every six months, and we don’t or can’t do anything about...

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Who gives a S**t? do you?

23-Nov-2021 Column

The Farm was re-lawed into productivity and high returns in June 2020 to double farmer income and to promote the ease of...

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