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Sunday, September 26 2021

Brian Fernandes

Is your birthday your own?

21-Sep-2021 Column

So, birthdays may not be your own, but the more you have, means the longer you have lived or lingered - that choice is not...

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Three letters are enough to tax you!

14-Sep-2021 Column

Simplicity lies in complexity, so much so the Income Tax Act contains a total of 23 chapters and 298 sections according to the official website...

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The Shape of Me, because of you, Teacher

07-Sep-2021 Column

Today’s teacher, or for that matter, student, doesn’t have that opportunity. They have at least 80 students per class and naturally, they cannot live at...

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International Dog Day: Time to switch your inner animal!

31-Aug-2021 Column

Have you seen a dog sad? Depressed? yes sure, when you are away, or you ignore him. Once sad and depressed, it will work on...

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Reality Kings!

24-Aug-2021 Column

And the reality is.... age is just a number. The younger you are, the better it is, the older you are, well, the more bitter...

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An Independent thought… a few days later

18-Aug-2021 Column

100% happiness or satisfaction is an impossible statistic in a democracy, unlike in a CBSE...

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Circumstantial Evidence that can help you win!

10-Aug-2021 Column

He had to work hard for it and pass an exam – without a prior exam pe charcha – where the toughest questions were asked...

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Circumstantial Evidence that can help you win!

09-Aug-2021 Column

There’s a silver lining, sorry gold lining, for every cloud we see.... and all we need do is find it; and we found...

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The right to be forgotten vs the right to be remembered

27-Jul-2021 Column

Interestingly and coincidentally, an Israeli horse called Pegasus too is interested in the arguments that might be presented in...

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Don’t Mingle even if you Tingle!

20-Jul-2021 Column

There’s another side to this new game though!  A more challenging one! Read...

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Positivity rate is down, but don’t go mental just yet!

06-Jul-2021 Column

But beyond Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder, are the voices I hear telling me to fill up my vehicle's petrol tank every...

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