Escape the mental stress of Covid-19 by learning to surf

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Escape the mental stress of Covid-19 by learning to surf

Escape the mental stress of Covid-19 by learning to surf

Media Release   ¦    Druva Das   ¦   Oct 18, 2020 09:25:56 PM (IST)

Escape the mental stress of Covid-19 by learning to surf-1

Mangaluru: While the world is being put through the hula-hoops due to the Covid-19—that continues to plague all corners of the globe—many people are enduring extreme hardships. Though the financial hardships are a well-known and understood fact the psychological impacts are not discussed enough.

Hampered businesses, absence of job security, being trapped in a lockdown, and restricted movements for a long time, could drive large numbers of people to have a tough coping situation. This number is, unfortunately, is not going to stop growing.

Unfortunately, it is also a subject that is often not discussed enough and is also very much ignored. Yet, it is a major problem and will be one of the greatest long-lasting after-effects of this devastating coronavirus pandemic.

Surfing and other ocean-related activities are one of the best forms of combatting this hugely silent and debilitating illness. Activities like, swimming in the ocean, learning a new sport, feeling the thrills and exhilaration of catching and riding waves, are known to have well-documented benefits in helping a person overcome mental stress, tension and mental illness.

Surfing helps a person take his mind off stressing issues and off any problems for that matter. Being completely focussed on the activity itself could be a great stress buster. Communing with nature and, being in the ocean and surfing, brings a feeling of calm and peace, like no other sport.

Escape the mental stress of Covid-19 by learning to surf-2

There are so many surf schools around the Indian Coastline that have opened up on both the east and west coasts. On the West Coast in Karnataka, we have Indica Surf School, based in Mulki, which has started offering lessons for the past four weeks.

Located just outside of Mangaluru, Indica Surf School is eagerly awaiting for new and loyal customers who want to dive back-in or simply experience the joy of diving for the first time. With comprehensive lesson plans, professional instructors and an amazing location, surfing with Indica is the best way to begin your surfing journey or even improving in this field.

In addition to surf lessons, Indica Surf School also hosts a newly-built range of accommodation to suit all budgets and group types. Beautiful large deluxe rooms with extra-large balconies offer fantastic views across the fields, rice paddies, and the Shambhavi River from the riverside rooms. The school also has semi-deluxe and dormitories in its premises.

Excellent home-cooked, south Indian style meals are included with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. For those that have been working remotely, Indica Surf School has set up as an excellent location to stay and work remotely with excellent free wifi, electricity back-up and an idyllic location to feel inspired and work.

On the East coast in the Chennai area, many schools including Covelong Point Surf School and Ocean Delight Surf School have reopened and are offering lessons to new and regular surfers.

Covelong Point Surf School also offers ‘Surf and Breakfast Packages’ to help ease the problem of finding food after surfing; with limited hotels currently open and providing meals in the town. These schools are located not far from Chennai, making them accessible to both the residents of Chennai and the people living in the vicinity.

The dubious combination of physical benefits, mental health benefits, and the exhilaration of the sport makes it an activity easy for everyone to learn and enjoy. For someone who cannot swim in the ocean, they can still learn to surf. Beginner lessons are instructed in shallow waters with the help of professional instructors keeping safety as the major priority.

Another extra benefit of staying and surfing with Indica Surf School is the boat ride from your accommodations on the Shambhavi River to the surfing spot. For those who are not into surfing, a boat ride through the river backwaters can be an equally fun experience.

For those that want something less energetic, just relaxing and imbibing in the beauty and the ambience of coastal beach life is yet another amazing way to rejuvenate in places like Mulki with Indica Surf School, and their new accommodation options.

There has never been a better time to get out of your house.

Head to the coast and learn to surf!

Do not let Covid-19 bring you down.

Get surfing and feel energised with a much more positive and healthier outlook on life!

Hurry, go online, book in and plan your next getaway to help your health!

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