Pandemic times and keeping check on mental health

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Pandemic times and keeping check on mental health

Pandemic times and keeping check on mental health

SC H Varghese   ¦    May 06, 2021 10:55:59 AM (IST)

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Mental health of many has surely taken a toll since the break of the pandemic. With the number of cases peaking everyday and the country coming to a standstill, people are constantly fighting a battle inside their minds to stay sane in these challenging times. With each passing day, people are more unsure about the future that they have and this coupled with many other factors have led to many mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Today mindfulness is equally valued as much as physical health. The lifestyle changes which tend to impact our state of mind are often less observed. Many don’t prioritize keeping a check on their emotions nowadays. As with physical health, nurturing mental health is an ongoing process; simple daily practices and lifestyle changes can aid in this.  Psychologist Akshara Damle said that a major change which has affected people through this pandemic is the disruption of their routine. “Reestablishing a routine and engaging in some kind of activity everyday can help to bring a balance in life,” he said.

Practicing relaxation methods like meditation, yoga, deep inhalation or other forms of exercise can help to ease your mind and body. Prioritizing sleep and creating a proper sleeping pattern can also help to boost mental health.

Reaching out to people when you need help is also important. Positive lifestyle alterations are not a replacement for medication or therapy but, rather, something you can undertake yourself in addition to treatment.

 “When things get too overwhelming, talk to someone who is close to you and in your circle of friends,” said Priyanka Bantwal, Psychologist. This helps to create solidarity in yourself and lessens the burden knowing that there are people around you. “There are a lot of services available from counsellors like phone calls, video session and so on. Make use of these services to manage the emotions which are overflowing,” she added.

The best way to cope with the situation is by having an optimistic outlook and repeating the mantra, 'this too shall pass.' Along with this, focus on the small good things that will allow you to maintain positivity in your thoughts.

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