Rain Rain, Come what May!

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Rain Rain, Come what May!

Rain Rain, Come what May!

Brian Fernandes   ¦    May 18, 2020 04:33:03 PM (IST)

Rain Rain, Come what May!-1

Rain Rain, Come what may
Is what I had hoped and prayed
Would come in May
And it did, and how.
There was a thunderous high
And a dribbling low
And the clouds, in all their majesty
took a bow.

Trees fell as the earth soaked,
And the thermometer croaked 
Under the strain of the drop
in temperature and tempers.
But the  trees and the tiller, they were happy;
They could now render
a decent crop

But plans, already awry
With COVID gory
and an empty purse;
They just got worse.
as people became averse
to stepping out into the pouring rain
and adding to their Locked up pain!
With masked wetness and PPE'd strain
Isolation, the solution?

But secure inside,
four walls and an overhead roof
they celebrated, matching
the thunderous applause
of the clouds. It was proof
that the Gods are listening
thru the gauze
that is our sinful weave..