Slashing of charges by BLDE hospital, comes as manna for Covid patients

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Slashing of charges by BLDE hospital, comes as manna for Covid patients

Slashing of charges by BLDE hospital, comes as manna for Covid patients

F R   ¦    Apr 30, 2021 05:12:57 PM (IST)

Slashing of charges by BLDE hospital, comes as manna for Covid patients-1

Vijayapura: Shantaveera Janagonda, a retired employee of a private company, when contracted with Covid infection recently was worried about getting a hospital bed for the treatment. He was equally worried about hospital charges as he has been hearing news of hospitals charging exorbitantly to Covid patients.

“I finally got a bed in BLDE hospital in the city. On top of that I could also save a lot of money on treatment as the hospital is taking relatively lesser charge compared to other private hospitals”, he said.

He is one of the hundreds of patients who are getting benefit of the lower hospitalization charges announced by Former Minister and President of BLDE association, M. B. Patil.

Recently, Patil announced that their hospital will slash the charges by 70% to the Covid patients as against the prescribed charges by the government for them across the State in private hospitals.

It may be noted that even the Health Minister of the State, K. Sudhakar appreciated the initiative of M. B. Patil.
“We have Covid ward for 500 patients and have increased beds from 200 to 500 by adding 300 more beds to facilitate the growing number of Covid patients. The objective was not only to increase bed capacity, but also to ensure that the Covid patients get affordable treatment”, said Arvind Patil, Principal of BLDE Medical College.
He said that even after augmentation of beds, the old beds are completely occupied by Covid patients every day with around 30 to 40 persons getting discharged from the hospital.

Dr Patil said that the charges have been slashed in the hospital which is benefiting people of every social strata irrespective of their economic condition.

“We have kept the charge uniform for all. Whether they are rich or poor, it does not matter. We want all of them to take benefits of it “, he said.

Giving the details of charges prescribed by the government and the actual charges being collected by the hospital, he said that for non-oxygenated bed, the government has fixed Rs 10,000 while the hospital is collecting Rs 3000.
For oxygenated bed, the government charges Rs 12,000, hospital taking Rs 5,000. For ventilator, the government has fixed Rs 25,000 but BLDE hospital taking only Rs 8,000, he said.

It can be recalled here that Former Minister and MLA M. B. Patil has accused the Centre of discriminating while supplying Remdesivir injections when the country is gripped in Covid pandemic and cases are rapidly increasing every day.

Patil who is also president of BLDE association, pointing out that Karnataka has recorded around 40,000 new Covid cases while around 15,000 cases have been recorded in Gujarat, Chattisgarh. But when it comes to supply of Remdesivir injections, while the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has supplied 163559 doses to Gujarat and 48250 to Chattisghar, only 25352 doses given to Karnataka despite the fact that the Covid cases are relatively high in this State, he alleged. "Looking at the figures, it gives a clear sense that no transparency is maintained in supply of Remdesivir injection to different States. The Prime Minister must take note of it and stop discriminating against States. Supply Remdesivir based on the need of the State”, he added.

He also had informed that a decision has been taken to set up a new oxygen unit of 13KL capacity and that the work will be done on war footing to set up the unit within a fortnight. He further added that in order to meet the demand of oxygen, 100 jumbo oxygen cylinders have been bought.

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