'Chaddidoost Kaddi Alladisbitta' audio tracks released

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'Chaddidoost Kaddi Alladisbitta' audio tracks released

'Chaddidoost Kaddi Alladisbitta' audio tracks released

Team NK   ¦    Jan 12, 2021 09:11:32 PM (IST)

\'Chaddidoost Kaddi Alladisbitta\' audio tracks released-1The soundtracks of the movie 'Chaddidoost Kaddi Alladisbitta' were released at the Artists Association premises. The movie is directed by Oscar Krishna and is produced by Seven Raj of Red and White fame.

Actress Prema, Producer S.A.  Chennegowda were the chief guests who participated to perform the launch. Bhama Harish, Bhama Girish,  Ravichethan, Shilpa Srinivas and many others from the film industry were present at the event. This is the fifth film directed by Krishna, speaking about the same he said, "This is my fifth film after Oscar, Miss Mallige, Monica is Missing and Manasina Mareyali. Chaddidoost is a Crime thriller.

\'Chaddidoost Kaddi Alladisbitta\' audio tracks released-2Krishna has previously directed supernatural and romantic thriller films. The other hero of the film is Lokendra Surya who also gave the title for this film.  The bonding of two friends, the quarrel in friendship, and the mischief are all there.  This is how a cop, a person's internal life, social life interests, the crimes committed on a regular basis, are all shown in the story.  Lokhandra Surya's performance in Attyaya had impressed Krishna. He was supposed to be the hero but then he got involved in screenplay and dialogues also.

\'Chaddidoost Kaddi Alladisbitta\' audio tracks released-3"Seven Raj is the main reason for this film to take place," he added. Gowri Nair plays the lead role. The film has been shot around Kunigal, Tumakuru and Bangalore. Seven Raj has played a very important role in the movie.  Based on Koudinya's novel, the film has 2 songs, Anant Aryan's music, Gagan Kumar's Cinematography, Mariswami's editing, Akul's choreography and Vilentu's action direction all together will be a good watch.  

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