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Google Launches Multilingual AI Assistant ‘Gemini’ in India


New Delhi: Google has introduced its advanced AI assistant ‘Gemini’ in India, catering to users in nine Indian languages. This marks a significant step towards making AI assistants more accessible and user-friendly for the diverse Indian audience.

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Unlike traditional AI assistants, Gemini allows users to interact in various ways. Users can type their queries, speak naturally, or even show images to Gemini for assistance. Whether it’s composing captions for photos, seeking guidance on Google Maps, or brainstorming ideas, Gemini can be your companion in various tasks.

The app supports Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu, making it a valuable tool for users across the country.

Android users can download the dedicated Gemini app from the Play Store or opt-in through Google Assistant. Interaction is simple with gestures like corner swipes or power button presses (on select devices), or by saying “Hey Google.”


Apple users can expect Gemini access within the Google app in the coming weeks.

Google is also integrating Gemini into Google Messages, allowing users to draft messages, brainstorm ideas, or plan events directly within the app. This feature is currently available in English on select devices, with wider rollout planned.

The launch of Gemini signifies Google’s commitment to developing a truly conversational and helpful AI assistant for the Indian market. With its multilingual capabilities and diverse functionalities, Gemini promises to enhance user experience and empower individuals to be more creative and productive.

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