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Google’s News Initiative: Audience Growth, Deeper Analytics


Participating in the Google News Initiative (GNI) Indian Languages Program 2023 proved to be a turning point for many news organizations. The program equipped them with the tools and knowledge to significantly improve their digital presence, leading to audience growth, a deeper understanding of their readers, and the exploration of new content formats.

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News Karnataka’s Success Story

Last year, News Karnataka joined the GNI Indian Languages Program, seeking to expand their reach and better understand their audience. The program provided them with valuable insights and strategies, resulting in:

  • Significant Audience Growth: The publication saw a substantial increase in their audience base, with more engaged readers and repeat visitors.
  • Surge in Page Views: By learning how to craft compelling headlines and metadata, improved their click-through rates, leading to a significant rise in page views and active users.
  • Improved User Experience: The program helped the publication optimize their website for speed and mobile usability, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable experience for readers.
  • Mastery of Google Analytics 4: In-depth training on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) empowered the publication to track user journeys more effectively, understand user behavior, and make data-driven decisions to tailor content and strategies to their audience’s needs.
  • Embracing New Content Formats: The program introduced to YouTube Shorts, a platform for reaching younger audiences. Training on creating engaging short-form videos and integrating them with existing content strategies has helped them diversify their offerings and attract a new audience segment.

GNI Indian Languages Program 2024 Now Open

Building on the success of the previous year, Google has launched the GNI Indian Languages Program 2024. The program is designed to address common challenges faced by news publishers, including audience building, real-time analytics, ad revenue optimization, and content creation.


Benefits of Joining the Program

Participants will gain access to various tools like Real-time Content Insights, News Consumer Insights, and Cloud tools for GenAI to supercharge their audience-building and content strategy. The program offers a structured format with workshops and training delivered in nine Indian languages, including Kannada.

Apply Now and Transform Your News Publication

The application window for the GNI Indian Languages Program 2024 is open until June 20th, 2024. Kannada language news publishers interested in following News Karnataka’s path to success can apply here. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your digital presence and better serve your Kannada-speaking audience.

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