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Indian-origin Researcher Discovers New Tech That Can Charge EVs in 10 min

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New Delhi: An innovative breakthrough has been achieved by Ankur Gupta, an Indian-origin researcher, and his team. They have unveiled a groundbreaking technology capable of swiftly charging a depleted laptop, phone within a minute, or an electric car within 10 minutes. The findings of their study, detailed in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shed light on the intricate movement of tiny charged particles known as ions within a complex network of minuscule pores.


Ankur Gupta, an assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder in the United States, highlights the significance of this discovery. He suggests that it paves the way for the development of more efficient energy storage devices, particularly ‘supercapacitors’.

The implications of this discovery extend beyond individual devices to larger systems like power grids, Gupta emphasizes. Efficient energy storage is crucial for managing fluctuating energy demands, minimizing waste during low-demand periods, and ensuring swift delivery during peak periods. Supercapacitors, which rely on ion collection within their pores, offer rapid charging times and longer lifespans compared to conventional batteries.

Previously, ion movements were understood primarily within the context of a single straight pore, as noted by researchers. However, this breakthrough enables the simulation and prediction of ion flow within complex networks comprising thousands of interconnected pores in a matter of minutes.

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