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Instagram to Offer Users Early Access to Experimental Features: Report


According to a recent leak,, the photo and video sharing platform, is going to offer a way for users to receive first access to features. Instagram’s beta features, which are currently undergoing testing, are only accessible to testers who sign up for the [Android] Beta program. Users might have a different way to test out the in-development features if the rumored “early access” materializes.


Developer Alessandro Paluzzi posted a screenshot on Threads, indicating that the Settings and Activity tab may have an early access option. It appears that the final choice is a new “early access to features” option.

With this new option, Instagram might finally allow users early access to its experimental features similar to Google Search Labs and YouTube Experiments.

AI-Generated themes on Instagram

Paluzzi also disclosed that the social media network is attempting to enhance the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of its application. According to reports, users will be able to create chat themes using AI.

Instagram currently offers special themes in addition to letting users customize chat themes with gradients and colors. A new “Create with AI” option is visible in a screenshot that the leaker shared, along with other chat themes like Minecraft, Pickleball, and Snack Party.

A similar feature on WhatsApp was also reportedly under development which might enable users to choose from five preset themes – blue, green (default), grey, red, and purple. As per the report, it might be available via a new theme picker and selecting a theme might change the colour and the wallpaper in the chat’s background.

Upcoming Instagram cross-posting feature

Another recent report claims that Instagram is attempting to enable cross-posting on the network. According to reports, users would be able to cross-post content from Instagram to Threads, Meta’s microblogging platform that directly competes with X (previously Twitter).

The report speculates that users may need to opt-in to use this feature, as it would not be enabled by default. According to reports, it would function similarly to Facebook’s cross-posting feature for Instagram.

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