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6 Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Injector

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Are you facing problems like poor performance, decreased mileage, or gives a really rough driving experience? Chances are that you are either having a bad day or your car needs to get rid of a dirty fuel injector.

The fuel injector present in your car is one of the most significant auto parts as it plays a crucial role in supplying fuel to the engine. The fuel injector in your car sprays fuel via a nozzle that is directed into the car’s cylinder. This way, your car kicks off in power, and the process of internal combustion starts. While a variety of cars today have modern engines, the ignition process remains a primary source for powering your engine.

However, in a situation where your automobile faces issues with its fuel injectors, chances are that it can result in a rough-ride and reduced mileage. To help you out with the same, here are the top 6 symptoms, to help you spot a bad fuel injector in your automotive.

Common Symptoms of a Failing Fuel Injector

  1. Engine Stalls or Rough ride: Have you been experiencing an ideal time or rough ride with your car? If yes, the maximum chances of such a mishap are that your vehicle is unable to receive a proper supply of fuel to its engine. When the engine of your car fails to receive the required RPM, the idling drops below the required level to maintain a uniform flow, giving you the experience of frequent jerk or rough idle. Frequent fall in the RPM of the engine is a result of a failing fuel injector, it’s best to replace it quickly.
  2. Your engine vibrates more than usual: If you are experiencing violent vibrations in your car, chances are that your vehicle is failing with its fuel injector. When your engine struggles with its injector, the mill is unable to cause its corresponding cylinder to fire the engine. This will lead your engine to vibrate excessively and fail to fire the unit successfully. It is always a smart move to visit the mechanic, once you notice unusual vibrations in your car.
  3. Your engine misfires at times: If your engine is unable to receive enough fuel sprayed during combustion, chances are that it will start to run unevenly or misfire while you are driving it. This could again be a symptom of a bad fuel injector at the place. Having a bad fuel injector will cause your vehicle to struggle with seamless acceleration, giving ways to accidents. Further, if your car continues to exist with such problems, your engine will start having troubles with its heating and might get overheated, leading to numerous problems. Therefore, replacing or cleaning your fuel injector once you notice such issues with your engine is a smart move to expand your vehicle’s life.
  4. Fuel leak: In a situation where you accidentally break your car’s fuel injector, or it is old or rusted, your car will start leaking fuel, giving ways to leakage. If your car has a leaking engine then it won’t be able to start as the fuel will be unable to reach the nozzle but make its way out of the body. Interestingly, this is one of the easiest symptoms to help you detect a failing fuel injector. However, if you ever come across such a situation, it would be best if you reach out for technical assistance.
  5. Your interiors give out a foul fuel odor: Another great way to identify a bad fuel injector is when you start receiving a foul odor that smells like fuel. When you have a bad injector, the fuel finds a way out of the fuel pipe and makes its way to the interior of the car. However, sometimes the issues might also be due to the faulty sensors or fuel lines of your car. Whatever the situation be, it is always a smart move to do a complete checkup of your engine before you decide to drive it again.
  6. Your car has recently failed an emission test: Did you try to get an emission test and failed? The chances are that your car has a failing fuel injector that is unable to burn the fuel completely. This way, it gives out incomplete emissions, resulting in increased emissions. Interestingly, in certain cases, having a fuel leakage can also cause your fuel injector to leak and mix your fuel pipe with air, eventually burning out the catalytic converter.

It is completely visible that your fuel injector plays a significant role in the overall health of your car. Interestingly, it’s not only the fuel injector but several other auto parts that you need to have a complete idea about. Make sure you checkout Boodmo to understand more about the engine parts and ensure complete car health. 

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