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Guide to Electric Car Insurance Coverage

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Electric cars aren’t mainstream in India yet, but some automakers have begun selling their makes and models there as the prospect of having a rechargeable car becomes more common. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but it has been found that the upkeep on an electric car is lower than that of a standard gasoline one. But much like standard cars, electric cars are subject to and at risk of all the same damages that they are. Electric car drivers still have to follow any car insurance requirements of their state or territory. The good news is that electric car insurance isn’t too different from standard car insurance and still offers all the same protections. We’ll look at these protections guaranteed for electric vehicles and how much they cost in this post.

Why Electric Car Insurance is Required

Just as with standard car insurance, it is required in India that drivers carry coverage in order to use the road legally. Specifically, having a certain amount of third-party coverage is the legal requirement. At the same time, electric cars can be complex with their mechanical components, so you want to make sure you are covered, considering all that can happen to them.

What Electric Car Insurance Covers

There are several types of damages and mishaps that can occur when driving a car, electric or not. These will be the kinds of hazards you want to make sure your electric car insurance covers:

  • Accidents – Every driver runs the risk of getting into an accident every time they get in their car. This is the foremost reason why car insurance exists. Because damages and perhaps some losses can occur in a collision, insurance is required for it.
  • Theft – Car insurance helps cover replacement costs if a car is stolen and can’t be recovered. Electric cars aren’t shown to be stolen more than regular cars, but they can be snagged just as easily.
  • Fire – Accidental fires, internal or external, are covered by Indian car insurance for electric and standard vehicles. With more electrical parts, electrical fires are a risk that electric cars have, similar to gasoline fires.
  • Natural disasters – Floods and other damage caused by storms can and should be covered with electric car insurance. These, along with fires, are damages that the driver of the car isn’t present for. So, it always helps to have more broad coverage.
  • Personal injuries – The serious consequences of a car accident are injuries to drivers and passengers along with any disabilities or even death that can occur. Medical payments are all included in part of this coverage.
  • Third-party loss – This refers to the condition of another driver involved in the accident’s car. Whether it has been damaged or lost entirely will need to be covered by the at-fault driver.

How Electric Car Insurance Cost is Calculated

The general factors that determine car insurance are the driver, their age, driving record, address, and other personal factors. There are also considering factors that depend on the car. An example would be that luxury cars cost more to insure than standard cars. When it comes to electric cars, they don’t have the highest car insurance rates, but there are unique factors that determine how much you pay. A determining factor that most insurance companies look at is the kilowatt capacity of an electric car –the higher its power output, then the more the insurance will cost. Here are the examples:

  • Under 30 kilowatts – Electric cars under 30 kilowatts usually pay around ₹1,761 annually for a third-party policy and ₹4,493 for a long-term policy (about three years of coverage).
  • At least 30 kilowatts but under 65 kilowatts – Drivers of electric cars with this power output pay around ₹2,738 annually for a third-party policy and ₹8,104 for a long-term policy.
  • At least 65 kilowatts – These electric cars will cost about ₹6,707 for a third-party policy and ₹20,659 for a long-term policy.

Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

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