KFD cases reported in the district

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KFD cases reported in the district

KFD cases reported in the district

Ismail M Kutty   ¦    Mar 04, 2021 03:42:15 PM (IST)

KFD cases reported in the district-1

Shivamogga: Kyasanur Forest Disease(KFD), commonly known as monkey fever has made its appearance in Malnad region this year. Last year, the severity of the disease was high and its reappearance of the disease is due to non-eradication of the KFD completely, according to Health experts.

The woman from Maski village under Shirur near Tirthahalli is the first case of KFD detected from the district on February 28 . She has been only mildly infected and is being treated at the JC Hospital in Tirthahalli. She is said to be a laborer who works in the forest.

The second case is that of a man from Lakkavalli village and he has been admitted to Bhadravathi hospital on Wednesday March 3. He was stopped from travelling to Chennai and admitted to the hospital as a precautionary measure. He might be discharged in the morning of friday March 5.

Dr Kiran said, "This time KFD cases are under control as animals and people alike have been vaccinated at the right time." Despite situation being under control and not serious, the coming six weeks are very crucial, he observed.

As per health statistics, last year in early March, 35 to 40 percent of the people in the district suffered from Monkey Fever. But this year, out of four people diagnosed with KFD,only two are from the district. 

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