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Srini: ‘Ghost,’ the ‘Birbal’ Trilogy, and Bollywood’s Southern Influence

Director M.G Srinivas, professionally known as Srini, has just released his grand heist-action-thriller film 'Ghost' on the big screen and it has gotten much appreciation.
Photo Credit : IANS

Director M.G Srinivas, professionally known as Srini, has recently released his action-thriller film ‘Ghost,’ which has been well-received. The star-studded film features Shivarajkumar, Anupam Kher, Jayaram, Prashant Narayan, and Archana Jois, forming part of the ‘Birbal’ trilogy.

Srinivas’ Creative Inspiration: ‘Ghost’ and a Real-Life Incident

In a recent exclusive interview with IANS, director-actor Srini discussed the inception of his grand heist-action-thriller ‘Ghost.’ The film is a part of the ‘Birbal’ trilogy and has garnered significant attention for its compelling narrative and impressive ensemble cast.

Srinivas revealed that ‘Ghost’ drew its inspiration from a real incident that occurred in Chennai, involving a CBI raid. The incident had made headlines, and Srinivas was intrigued by the events. As he delved into the details and studied the incident, it ignited his imagination, leading to the creation of ‘Ghost.’ The film blends elements of action, heist, and thriller into a captivating narrative that unfolds against the backdrop of the incident that sparked its inception.

A Collaborative Effort with Shivarajkumar: A Great Experience

Working with veteran Kannada actor Shivarajkumar was a memorable experience for Srinivas. The director shared his admiration for Shivarajkumar’s down-to-earth nature and humility. Despite Shivarajkumar’s legendary status in the industry, he had a remarkable ability to make everyone on the set feel comfortable and valued. Srinivas emphasized that Shivarajkumar’s presence transcended his legendary status, fostering a warm and collaborative atmosphere during the film’s production.

Behind-the-Scenes Stunts and Musical Exploration

‘Ghost’ features several thrilling action sequences, and Shivarajkumar insisted on performing most of the stunts himself. The actor’s dedication and commitment to the role were evident as he engaged with stunt professionals to choreograph and execute the intense action sequences seen on screen.

Music plays a crucial role in any film, setting the tone and enhancing the storytelling experience. For ‘Ghost,’ Srinivas collaborated with music composer Arjun Janya, who delivered a remarkable musical backdrop. Srinivas praised Arjun Janya’s ability to adapt his music to suit the film’s unique requirements. The music in ‘Ghost’ had to extend beyond the conventional and explore different sounds, marking a notable departure from Arjun Janya’s typical music style. The composer’s willingness to experiment and create a distinct musical identity for the film added depth to the overall cinematic experience.

The ‘Birbal’ Trilogy: A Thoughtful and Planned Approach

Srinivas introduced the concept of the ‘Birbal’ trilogy, emphasizing that its development had been a planned endeavor rather than a spontaneous decision. While ‘Ghost’ offers a thrilling heist narrative, Srinivas aimed to explore a range of genres within the ‘Birbal’ trilogy. This artistic vision encompassed action, crime, thriller, heist, and the potential for even more genres. The comprehensive approach to storytelling allowed Srinivas to experiment with diverse themes and storytelling styles, reflecting his commitment to creative growth and exploration.

A Continuing Exploration of the Heist Genre

As a filmmaker, Srinivas is not content with remaining stagnant in his creative journey. He expressed a clear intention to further explore the heist genre and its variations. While ‘Ghost’ presents a captivating heist-action-thriller narrative, Srinivas aims to delve deeper into this genre, continuing to experiment with different storytelling styles and thematic elements. The director’s commitment to evolving as a filmmaker is evident in his dedication to exploring new horizons and pushing creative boundaries.

Bollywood’s Growing Affinity for Southern Elements

Srinivas acknowledged the increasing influence of South Indian cinema on Bollywood and the evolving relationship between the two film industries. He attributed this trend to several key factors. Initially, the availability of screens played a crucial role, as increased screenings allowed regional films to gain more exposure in North India. Additionally, the proliferation of social media and the expanded reach of the internet has significantly contributed to increased awareness and appreciation of Southern cinema in the North.

Srinivas highlighted that the influence extends beyond mere incorporation and integration of Southern elements into Bollywood films. Bollywood is evolving to cater to a different audience, and this transformation is visible in its storytelling, themes, and collaborations. Both industries actively engage with each other, fostering a dynamic exchange of talent and ideas. As a result, Bollywood’s storytelling and appeal have become more inclusive and diverse, reflecting the broader palette of creative influences.

Srinivas’ Upcoming Projects: ‘Birbal Case 2’ and ‘Andalamma’

Srinivas offered a glimpse into his future projects, revealing that he is set to direct and act in the sequel to ‘Birbal Pt1,’ titled ‘Birbal Case 2.’ The ‘Birbal’ trilogy unfolds as a multi-faceted narrative, and Srinivas has carefully planned its trajectory. He emphasized that the decision to transform ‘Birbal’ into a trilogy was a deliberate choice, driven by his artistic vision.

In addition to ‘Birbal Case 2,’ Srinivas will take on a role in the film ‘Andal

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