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Sunday, September 26 2021


Colonial language and the law of the land

25-Sep-2021 Column

As per the census report of 2011, it is only 0.02% of the population of India, who speaks English whereas, languages like Hindi and Kannada are spoken by 43.63% and 3.6% of population...

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Life of Pi: A tale of survival and triumph

24-Sep-2021 Column

The film is an adaptation of the best-selling novel "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel which was thought for years to be...

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The earthen town of Talakadu

23-Sep-2021 Column

Historical records note that Talakadu had more than 30 temples, which got buried under the sand during the 16th...

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Woman’s magnitude is beyond physical appearance

22-Sep-2021 Column

Let us be comfortable in our own skin and acknowledge that we all are beautiful in our own...

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Is your birthday your own?

21-Sep-2021 Column

So, birthdays may not be your own, but the more you have, means the longer you have lived or lingered - that choice is not...

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Five ways to teach your child self-discipline skills

20-Sep-2021 Column

It is not always easy to teach your child what is acceptable and non-acceptable...

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NEP: Will the policy bring about much-needed change in Indian edu system?

18-Sep-2021 Column

Government of India in 2020 with an intention of bringing in an educational reform introduced a draft bill on New Education Policy...

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Pulp Fiction: A revolutionary crime thriller by Quentin Tarantino

17-Sep-2021 Column

Pulp fiction is full of suspense and this is mainly due to the narrative plot structure, which differs from that of typical...

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Udupi: Nestled between majestic mountains and deep blue sea

16-Sep-2021 Column

Udupi is considered to be one of the most picturesque and wonderful holiday destinations in...

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Good nutrients boost fertility in women

15-Sep-2021 Column

A healthy and happy woman is a lifeline of a...

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Three letters are enough to tax you!

14-Sep-2021 Column

Simplicity lies in complexity, so much so the Income Tax Act contains a total of 23 chapters and 298 sections according to the official website...

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