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Kidney stones: Understand causes and remedies

kidney stone
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The problem by the name kidney stones is quite common these days. Kidney stones is a type of hard stone made up of minerals and salts formed inside the kidneys.

Kidney stones can affect any part of our urethra. Stones are formed when the urine is concentrated, says Dr. Anuradha from Kakunje Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic, Moodabidri.


Kidney stones occur when your urine contains highly crystallising substances.

•Not drinking enough water everyday increases the risk of kidney stones.

•Excessive intake of certain foods such as protein, sodium (salt) and sugar.

•Obesity also increases the risk of kidney stones

•It can be caused as a side effect of certain drugs.

Symptoms of kidney stones

Kidney stones usually do not cause symptoms until they move into the kidneys. Kidney stones accumulate in the urethra which blocks the flow of urine. And the kidney swells and this leads to urethral cramps. You can experience painful moments during such times.

•Severe pain in the lower, side and back of the ribs

•Severe pain in the lower abdomen and thigh joints

• Pain or burning sensation while urinating

•Changes in the colour of urine to pink, red, or brown urine

•Urinating more often than usual

•Nausea and vomiting

•Cold fever when infected

•Bleeding while urinating

Good diet

People with kidney problems need to follow some special dietary habits. There is no single diet to prevent kidney stones. Most foods are based on kidney stone types. Some of the most common eating habits are as follows.

•Drinking plenty of water/liquid other than grapefruit juice and soda

•Reducing food rich in oxalate such as spinach, chocolate, wheat bran, tea, etc.

•Consume adequate amounts of Calcium

•Moderate protein intake

• It is best to reduce the high salt intake

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