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Friday, January 21 2022

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Yoga and its benefits for women

Yoga is a physical and mental exercise involving the body, mind, and soul. The practice, which originated in India, is intended to increase consciousness, develop a mind-body-spirit balance, cleanse, heal, and strengthen the body, release the real self, and, as it is now done, improve fitness.

Yoga can assist you even if you are in great health. It increases strength, flexibility, coordination, and range of motion. And because yoga promotes relaxation, increases circulation, and decreases stress and anxiety, it improves cardiovascular health as well as respiratory and mental systems. Yoga benefits sleep and digestion because it encourages calmness. Your muscles get stronger and larger as you lift weights.

When you practice yoga, your brain cells form new connections, and changes in brain structure and function occur, resulting in better cognitive functions like learning and memory. Yoga increases brain regions that are important for memory, attention, consciousness, cognition, and language. Consider it similar to brain weightlifting.Yoga strengthens, balances, and stretches the body. Slow motions and deep breathing boost blood flow and warm up muscles, while maintaining a position helps strengthen muscles.

Yoga is beneficial to the heart. Regular yoga practice may assist to reduce stress and inflammation throughout the body, resulting in healthier hearts. Yoga helps you sleep better by calming you down. A consistent evening or morning yoga exercise can help you get an appropriate attitude and prepare your body to go asleep and remain asleep, according to research.

Allow your understanding of the direct relationship between oxygen intake and waste disposal through your breath to improve your mind-body connection the next time you practice.

Your inhalation has power!

As oxygen inflates your lungs, exhausted blood is injected with the same oxygen, and that blood is circulated throughout your body, revitalising cells in your organs, muscles, and bones! The precise form of your posture, together with gravity, disperses the oxygenated blood accordingly, emphasising blood flow to certain locations.

Your exhalation has power!

Your constant exhalation expels carbon dioxide (essentially, poison to your body) and other cellular debris.

Thus, Yoga stimulates the energy chakras and gives women the strength they need to cope with physiological and psychological changes. It contributes to the improvement of the performance of the body’s organs. It also regulates hormones, moods, and inner peace, resulting in a higher quality of life.

Image Source: Kalyanayahaluwo by Pixabay

Archana Bijo

The author is a postgraduate in Mass Communication and Journalism from Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru. Her interests range from Photojournalism, Media Research, Documentaries, Communication Studies, Film Studies, Radio Journalism, Women Studies, Advertisement Studies with keen interest in writing on varied topics and articles relating to photography, festivals, moments of life, and travel.

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