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I Stand With the Dogs of Mangalore and You Should Too

I Vouch For the Dogs of Mangalore
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As a Mangalorean, if I were to walk into a Mangalorean home and hear a dog bark from a kennel, chances are the dog is not going to be a Mangalorean. Chances are that it is a husky from Siberia or a pomeranian brought here from some country in Europe, where at home, my own dogs lie loveless on the streets. 

Now, let’s put it this way. Dogs, like humans, have feelings. Dogs can feel insecure and dogs can need healing. 

And so, while the husky and pomeranian you have  at home may be all sweet and loving, waggly tail and all, the dog in your street is all angry, growly voice, sharp teeth and all. 

Ideally, both dogs are merely returning what they seem to be receiving. While one may be receiving freshly cooked home made steak, lovingly presented in a newly washed bowl, all the other may be receiving are stones that land on his head on a timely basis, mixed with a couple of kicks. 

And to think that we blame these street dogs in the end, for their behavior to us human beings, little realizing that we are merely getting what we have been giving both these dogs. 

So, if you are another dog lover like me, my advice to you is, let’s not create confusion. Let the Siberians have their huskies, and the Germans, their pomeranians. Let’s not displace these dogs. That’s not necessary, when we have our own dogs at home to feed, those dogs gaping at our door, hoping for us to throw down  something that they can eat, those dogs all lonely on the streetsides as they have lost all hope at any chance of love from us hopeless human beings, who will choose to adopt them only if they are furry, and costly, and whatever it may be that we are expecting.

Let’s adopt our dogs more sensibly, and this comes without a cost. All you have to do is show a little love to that four legged creature who follows you home or greets you on the street, and he’ll soon become your pet, without asking for anything more.

And if you do have more than just a few biscuits to feed him, he sure will pay back the exact change, for that space on the sofa you give him, with just the right amount of love and in fact more, giving you a trustworthy friend from your very own home, who was looking for a friend just you, without you having to spend a penny. 

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