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Saturday, April 13 2024

Is the Anti-Cheating Law for Exams Really Fair to Students? Lets Check

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There is a lot going on in the exam scene these days, and here is one that caught my eye amidst all the stories of heart attacks and suicides and students passing away in their sleep, all thanks to drugs and sleeping pills and what not that students are up to these days. 

To think that we can have the heart to pass a law like a one crore fine to students caught cheating along with a sentence of ten years in jail. And the justification behind that? To ensure fair practices among students in an exam hall, an exam hall of young, stressed out, and probably depressed students on the verge of quitting from this circus called like all thanks to jokers like us who get it all wrong today. 

While it is important to make sure that students get ahead in life the fair way, a punishment like the one above is similar to that of hitting a mischievous child with a cane, something we don’t do today. 

To demand a crore fine from a student who could not be so much as earning pocket money. A fine like this would leave the student indebted for life, taking away even the tiny ray of hope that remains. 

And to think that one would have the heart to lock up these desperate and lost students in jail. What are we expecting? That they languish there to spend their entire youth wallowing in guilt and regret and so much shame that they have no desire to come out anymore, seeing the questions and shameful comments that would come their way?

That they spend those precious years of their life fighting their way in a place that no youngster is meant to be, only to come out as hard hearted citizens who no longer care about the world around them today?

Perhaps this was what the college boy was recently thinking when he decided to jump out of the window, when he was sent out of the exam hall on being caught copying that day. 

Perhaps this was what the young girl was thinking when she decided to swallow those dangerous pills to stay awake all night, only to ruin her health that day. Perhaps this is what the many youngsters today in so many such cases are going through in addition to all that they are already going through today. 

Let’s not make it harder for them, by making it easier for us. While scaring them with severe punishments surely appears to be the easier way, teaching them values is what will make them more honest citizens to contribute to society tomorrow, all thanks to the extra effort, and the right effort we choose to put in today. 

For let’s admit it. We can’t really be happy in a society, knowing that there are some of its citizens locked up for a decade, as punishment for a step they chose to take when in despair. 

Let’s not have any more sad cases. At least let us try our best to reduce them. Let’s not try to do things the easier way. The time, patience, energy and love we invest in our youth will make them more loving citizens of tomorrow, a reward for all that we choose to do today. 

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