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Sunday, September 19 2021


A tribute to police personnel, life line of pandemic war

A decade of twenty-tens though recognizes an expeditious advancement of world economy substantiating significant growth, prima facie in each sector of Scientific, Socio-economic and Technological preferences. Notwithstanding, its capping phase, year-2020: an era of “GLOBAL ANGUISH”, witnesses dawdle expiration due to an unprecedented feverish viral-outbreak on terrestrial inhabitants and narrates devastating human causalities. Governing authorities in India address the contagious challenges primarily through Non-Clinical measures, sanitisation and social distancing to freeze the threat of viral wave and curb its transmission. However to enforce these preventive measures and ensure their compliance in populous Nation is a gigantic obligation before them. Triumphant execution of these paramount measures demonstrates Nation’s administrative commitment and seriousness to culminate viral surge.

Tragically, occurrence of second wave with much higher mortality rate exacerbates the physical and economic health of every individual. Notwithstanding, after lockdown the evidences of psychological and behavioral attributes of populace, resonant with an opinion of diminishing intensity of viral-spread, thereby intensify the speculations of the third wave: Another potential economic shock, in the form of lock down waiting ahead?? We shall continue to be the victims of this pandemic war, unless our Psychophysical attitude of negligence towards “Covid Appropriate Behavior” is eradicated and inclination towards vaccination is conceded.

Undoubtedly, during pandemic period, the united contributions of frontline warriors to combat unprecedented viral surge deserve an immense applause and exceptional gratitude. Demonstration of risky war-footing humanitarian approach of Medical and paramedical fraternities, Health & sanitisation workforce and many local NGOs to restrain surge and save breathes of infectious, leave everlasting footprints in Indian history. Their exceptional services gain reverence in public eyes through various mass-communications.

However, round the clock untiring services of Civil Defence Police personnel deserve an equal praise and honour; though marginally capture any headline or space of narration. Lock down situation articulates the extent of strenuous pressure on them. Police personnel including females, charged in their obligatory  uniforms; are seen performing their duties from dawn to dusk at predominantly risky zones of Inter-state borders, busy roads, markets, streets, public avenues brushing off their psychophysical strains and pains. While performing lock down duties, many of them became the victims of infectious virus too. Evidences of unbiased visualization reveal the extent of psychophysical strains they carry and their true humanitarian approach and sacrifices while performing duties. An obligatory pressure to comply Superior’s orders, stress to refrain people’s negligence attitude, burden of unbearable strokes of hot summer in absence of water, emotional strain of attachment with family members, strenuous strategies of static vigilance with dynamic approach and above all the fear of viral infection are some of leading stresses associated with police personnel performing corona duty. More precisely, establishment of a unique rapport blend with emotional humane approach strengthen their valued contribution during lock down. Supply of food, potable water and shelter to the dislodged deprived labours and private-vehicle caretakers stuck at interstate border.

Transportation arrangement to hospitalise pregnant women, seeking urgent medical aid, Cremation of corona infected dead bodies with religious rituals are exceptional incidences effectively accomplished by our state police force through their individual expenses. Besides, these triumphs of strenuous incidences never bring to limelight at any public forum. Such unrevealed unique selfless services executed for noble cause deserves unbiased recognition and shall remain everlasting. Nation salutes to their services.

About the author

Khaleel Ahmed D. Kamate is a Technical Manager at EHS and has over 25 years of qualitative experience in spearheading ENVIRONMENT & R&D  LAB ANALYTICAL ASSISTANCE / ADMINISTRATION, entail planning, coordination, implementation of management practices of technical assistance, compliance of organization’s Regulatory requirements such as renewal of Factories Licenses / Site approval, Safety audits compliances / CFOs, CFE and conducting EIA studies for all Greenfield and Brownfield projects. Filing Returns, Env. Clearances and Authorization for Haz. Chemicals, Designing and development of technology of EHS projects, viz, ETP, STP, Scrubbers, Rain harvesting etc, thereby demonstrating leadership qualities and a team-building spirit.

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