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Indian Football Dominance: Matches Stats vs. Pakistan

India Pakistan Football
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The sporting rivalry between India and Pakistan has always been interesting, capturing the attention of millions across the subcontinent. While cricket and field hockey have historically dominated this fierce competition, a lesser-known yet equally passionate rivalry happens on the football pitch.

Starting from their first face-off during the Colombo Cup in 1952 to their most recent encounters in the SAFF Championship, India and Pakistan have been fierce competitors on the football pitch. 

In this piece, we’ll delve deep into the history, statistics, and essence of the India-Pakistan football rivalry. We’ll uncover the story behind the iconic victories, the rise of stars, and the moments that have fueled this rivalry in the history of South Asian sports.

India Pakistan Football


The Dominance of the Indian National Football Team against Pakistan:

The dominance of the Indian National Football Team over Pakistan is a chapter in their shared history that speaks volumes of strategy, skill, and sustained excellence. In 29 international clashes, with all information and statistics already prepared for you by this sports site, India has stood tall with 16 victories. At the same time, Pakistan has tasted victory only four times, leaving nine matches to end in draws.

This dominance is not a mere statistical anomaly; it’s a testament to India’s unwavering commitment to the sport and their consistent ability to outmaneuver their rivals. The victories are carved from a meticulous playbook of strategy, precision passes, and agile footwork.

India’s penchant marks the clashes for seizing crucial moments and converting them into opportunities. Whether through calculated strikes or tactical teamwork, the Indian team has consistently displayed a knack for turning the tide in their favour. This dominance isn’t just a collection of wins; it’s a legacy of footballing prowess that echoes through the years.

Beyond the numbers, the dominance of the Indian National Football Team against Pakistan is a reflection of their determination, hard work, and footballing philosophy. As they continue to showcase their prowess on the pitch, India’s victories testify to the unity, dedication, and passion that define their footballing journey.

India Pakistan Football


Historical Confrontations

Dating back to their first encounter on March 23, 1952, during the Colombo Cup, these clashes have become a part of the shared sporting legacy of the two nations. However, in the 1953 Colombo Cup, India secured its first victory over Pakistan with a 1-0 win, marking a significant turning point in their rivalry.

The intensity escalated, culminating in the highest-scoring game during the 1999 SAF Games, where India triumphed 5-2. From that first match ending in a goalless draw, the teams have engaged in battles that resonate with the echoes of their cricketing and hockey rivalries. 

However, Pakistan, too, has had its moments of triumph. In the 1959 Asia Cup, Pakistan’s Abdullah netted a winner, registering their first victory over India. Despite this breakthrough, India’s dominance in head-to-head matches speaks volumes about its footballing superiority.

The SAFF Championship has often provided the stage for these intense showdowns. In 2018, India again asserted its dominance with a convincing 3-1 victory over Pakistan. Such matches underline India’s consistent form in recent years against its arch-rivals.

Notable Encounters and Stats

One of the earliest significant matches occurred during the 1953 Colombo Cup, where India secured a pivotal 1-0 victory against Pakistan, signalling their supremacy in the footballing sphere. This win was a testament to India’s growing strength and laid the foundation for their future successes.

The intensity of their rivalry was highlighted in the 1999 SAF Games, as India won with a commanding 5-2 scoreline. IM Vijayan’s hat-trick underscored India’s dominance, while Pakistan’s Haroon Yusuf and Gohar Zaman managed to find the net, showcasing the spirit of competition that characterizes their matches.

In recent years, the SAFF Championship 2023 witnessed a historic 4-0 victory for India, with Sunil Chhetri’s exceptional hat-trick resonating as a crowning achievement. Chhetri’s prowess on the field demonstrated India’s tactical finesse and ability to clinch victories even in high-stakes encounters.

India Pakistan Football

Another iconic moment unfolded in the SAFF Championship 2023 when India delivered a commanding performance, defeating Pakistan 4-0

Sunil Chhetri’s hat trick during this match highlighted his exceptional goal-scoring ability and leadership on the field. Chhetri’s achievement further echoed the legacy of players like Puran Bahadur and IM Vijayan, who had also marked their names in the history of the India-Pakistan rivalry.

Why India Prevails

India’s consistent success against Pakistan on the football field results from strategic prowess, team cohesion, and a strong foundation of skilled players. The statistics and historical data underscore why India has often emerged victorious in their encounters.

The head-to-head record of 16 wins for India out of 29 matches is a testament to their dominance. This statistic is not a coincidence but reflects India’s calculated gameplay and effective strategy.

One of the primary reasons behind India’s triumphs is its ability to adapt to different scenarios during matches. Their strategic flexibility, whether in attack or defence, allows them to exploit weaknesses in the opposition. This adaptability can be observed in their successful games, where India has managed to secure leads and control the match’s pace.

The consistent development of talent within India’s footballing system plays a pivotal role in their success against Pakistan. The emergence of players like IM Vijayan and Sunil Chhetri, who have made significant contributions in key matches, showcases India’s deep talent pool. These players possess individual brilliance and complement the team’s collective efforts.

India’s skill in set pieces has also contributed significantly to their wins. Capitalizing on free-kicks and corners, India has converted crucial opportunities into goals. This proficiency in dead-ball situations is often a decisive factor in close encounters.

India Pakistan Football


The India National Football Team

The Indian National Football Team, often called the Blue Tigers, has showcased a remarkable journey of progress. While football in India may have started as a marginalized sport, the national team’s consistent efforts have propelled it onto the global stage by participating in prestigious tournaments like the AFC Asian Cup. 

In recent years, India’s FIFA ranking has seen a significant uptick, a testament to their consistent performances. In regional tournaments like the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Championship, the Blue Tigers have consistently exhibited their prowess. Their eight victories in the tournament underscore their dominance in the region.


Despite being fewer in number compared to cricket or field hockey clashes, these matches have been a source of entertainment, skill, and national pride. India’s dominance in the head-to-head records stands as proof of its superiority to Pakistan. 

Their rivalry has witnessed many moments that have stirred the hearts of fans on both sides. As the two countries continue to battle it out on the football field, this rivalry remains an exciting competition that continues to bond the fans and players.

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