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Nandini Goes Global: Sponsors Scotland and Ireland in T20 World Cup

Nandini Partners With Scotland
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Bengaluru: The Scotland cricket team management has revealed their jersey adorned with the logo of Nandini dairy, a locally cherished brand from Karnataka, for the upcoming T20 World Cup. It marks a significant stride for the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), the entity behind Nandini, as it ventures into international sponsorship for the first time.

Displayed prominently on the sleeves of the players’ T-shirts, the Nandini logo, scripted in Kannada. Cricket Scotland announced that they are delighted in partnering with the Karnataka Milk Federation, welcoming Nandini as the official sponsor for the Scotland men’s team in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024.

Interestingly, Nandini  not only  sponsors Scotland but also the Ireland cricket team, another participant in the T20 World Cup. The tournament is set to take place in the West Indies and the United States of America.

Managing Director of KMF, MK Jagadish, stated, “We are thrilled to sponsor both the Ireland and Scotland cricket teams in the T20 World Cup. Our brand will be prominently showcased during the thrilling matches, resonating with audiences worldwide.”

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