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Aviator Game Best Tips and Tricks, Strategy of Win

Aviator Game
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Aviator Game Tips: Strategies & Tricks

In order to win in the crash game Aviator as often as possible, you should correctly use existing strategies tested by other gamblers. There is no 100% way to win, since the gameplay algorithm is controlled by a random number generator. However, there are proven schemes and small tricks that increase the chances of winning. Experienced gamblers have become real experts and they are ready to share their experience so that the aviator game brings maximum pleasure, and with the correct use of knowledge, gives a solid profit.

Double bet strategy for Aviator

Aviator Game

The player makes two identical bets. Having launched the pilot into the sky, you need to try to catch the odds on the first bet that cover the total amount of money spent. That is, if you bet $5, you need to catch the multiplier coefficient ×2 on the first bet. That is, the player has already covered his costs, so he can take a risk with the second bet. The risk will be minimal, since the player has already received his coins back to the game deposit. Therefore, he can no longer lose. But if successful, the winning amount will already be substantial.

  Experts say that this strategy is the safest for everyone who came to relax and have a little fun. By placing small double bets you can enjoy the game at minimal cost for a very long time. However, remember that there is no guarantee of a 100% result. The plane can disappear immediately upon takeoff, bringing nothing back. Then you will have to risk the second bet.

Using the Martingale Strategy


This version of the game is very risky and is suitable only for those crash game fans who are not afraid to lose significant amounts based on the maximum multiplier.

  •       It is required to increase the bet after each loss.
  •       Having won, the gambler returns to the original bets.
  •       In this way, you can return what you lost, and there will still be a good income left.

The strategy can only be used by experienced game lovers who have a good budget and are not afraid of losing a significant amount in case of failure. The main calculation of such a strategy is that if you don’t change the algorithm, you can eventually get a multiplier of ×100 or even ×200.

Possibilities of the anti-martingale strategy

Aviator Game Strategy

Here the player goes from the opposite, increasing each subsequent bet. He does not return to the original bet after catching a significant multiplier, but bets more money on the next round. It is believed that this increases the chances of winning if luck holds the player’s hand and reduces upcoming losses when fortune turns away. This method of play can only be used by masters with an unlimited budget and nerves of steel.

Aviator’s winning tactics

Here the player must develop in advance and use the chosen tactics throughout the battle with the pilot. If you start betting money chaotically without any system, loss cannot be avoided. You need to find suggestions from other players about successful crash game tactics on the official website or a specialized chat. Having chosen the most suitable one, you must strictly adhere to the prescribed algorithm in an effort to achieve success despite temporary difficulties.

Tactical ways to play with minimal risks

An ideal option for beginners who just came to relax and unwind while enjoying the slot. You won’t be able to win much here, but you may not need to replenish your game balance for a very long time while continuing the battle with the nimble airplane. When placing small bets, do not try to raise the glider above the odds of 1.10-1.25. You can program the game to automatically withdraw your bet at an upper limit of 1.25. Having achieved that, the balance begins to increase, you can gradually increase the permissible automatic withdrawal ratio. This tactic is statistically the most effective in the long term. This is an ideal option for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the features of crash games.

Average risk in Aviator game

Aviator Game

This tactic is a logical continuation of minimal risks or can be used by players who have thoroughly studied the functionality and already have good experience. Here you won’t be able to get by with a minimum deposit. You will need a significant amount and the ability to replenish your game balance if necessary. You need to catch odds of ×2-4 for the winnings to be high. With this tactic, the chances of success are 50%. For lovers of excitement, this is a good option to tickle your nerves. Average multipliers are not that rare, so there is a high probability that after completing the game you will find a substantial amount on your game balance.

Using high-risk tactics

This is an ideal way to win quickly if you have the support of fortune. Here the game is played with an eye to a multiplier of at least ×50 or higher. It all depends on the player’s financial capabilities and his ability to recoup losses in the event of frequent failures. Risky tactics are compensated by a good amount of winnings. Experienced players analyze the situation and begin to use risky tactics after not getting large multipliers for a very long time. Multipliers greater than 50 appear approximately once a day. But if you are lucky, betting $70 or $1000 in an instant can win a decent amount and become rich.

Stunts for fans of the crash game Aviator

There are several common tricks among experienced gamblers that provide the opportunity to make good money.

  1. Monitor minimum multipliers carefully. If many similar rounds have passed in a row, expect that the coefficient is greater than 10.
  2. Play the set number of rounds. Choose for yourself the number of rounds you want to participate in in a row. According to the theory of probability, in at least one round you should get a multiplier higher than 10. Therefore, even after losing in small rounds, if you catch a multiplier higher than ×10, the gambler will immediately return his money and still make a good profit.
  3. Base your game tactics on analysis and observation. Track, for example, 10-20 rounds and if many small odds have passed in a row, join the game with maximum bets.

By playing responsibly and thoughtfully, you can always count on the fact that in addition to relaxation and pleasure, Aviator will help increase the player’s budget.

Cover Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Note: Newskarnataka advises its readers to consult experts / professionals and research further on this subject, be aware of the risks involved, and comply with all locally applicable laws and regulations in this regard.

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