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Sunday, October 17 2021


Joker: Tragic descent of Arthur Fleck into the world of insanity

15-Oct-2021 Column

The iconic villain of all time, the Joker, has always been portrayed as an agent of chaos and the master of...

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Mundagod: Window to World of Buddhism in K’taka 

14-Oct-2021 Column

The town showcases true Tibetan lifestyle, culture and tradition apart from helping the visitors introduce to Buddhism religion and way of...

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How childhood attachment affects adulthood

11-Oct-2021 Column

Responding quickly to child’s cry shows that it is safe and loved. This connection starts with newborns after birth and continues throughout a child’s...

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The Reader: A film on morality vs legality

08-Oct-2021 Column

Stephen Daldry’s film The Reader starring Ralph Fiennes as Michael Berg, David Kross as young Michael Berg, and Kate Winslet as Hanna Schmitz, is a...

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A cheat sheet for life!

28-Sep-2021 Column

We are learning all the wrong methods, but not from the teachers, but from the media. So, is the media at fault then? for giving...

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Is your birthday your own?

21-Sep-2021 Column

So, birthdays may not be your own, but the more you have, means the longer you have lived or lingered - that choice is not...

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Pulp Fiction: A revolutionary crime thriller by Quentin Tarantino

17-Sep-2021 Column

Pulp fiction is full of suspense and this is mainly due to the narrative plot structure, which differs from that of typical...

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Check child’s handwriting for assessment of fine motor skills

13-Sep-2021 Column

Games like ‘Kavade’, ‘Kallata’, 'Pagade’, ‘Choukabaara’ develop hand-eye coordination and hand manipulation. These games also help refine visualisation skills, numerical skills, object control and attention...

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The Shape of Me, because of you, Teacher

07-Sep-2021 Column

Today’s teacher, or for that matter, student, doesn’t have that opportunity. They have at least 80 students per class and naturally, they cannot live at...

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Call Me by Your Name: A love tale that will stay with you forever

03-Sep-2021 Column

Call Me by Your Name (2017), directed by Luca Guadagnino, is a beautiful film set in northern Italy about first...

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International Dog Day: Time to switch your inner animal!

31-Aug-2021 Column

Have you seen a dog sad? Depressed? yes sure, when you are away, or you ignore him. Once sad and depressed, it will work on...

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