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Thursday, April 18 2024

james webb space telescope

Webb detects the most distant active supermassive black hole

10-Jul-2023 Science

Researchers using NASA's James Webb Space Telescope have discovered the most distant active supermassive black hole to...

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NASA’s Webb telescope reveals network of gas, dust in galaxies

17-Feb-2023 Science

The James Webb Space Telescope, operated by NASA, has provided a first-ever glimpse at the formation of stars, gas, and dust in...

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How the JWST revealed a bright, complex early universe

16-Dec-2022 Science

What astronomers have learned about the first galaxies in the universe and how six months of data from JWST is changing astronomy....

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Behind a James Webb Telescope photo that stumped astronomers 

14-Oct-2022 Science

Our team at the University of Sydney had already been studying this very star, known as WR140, for more than 20...

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“A healthy instrument”: Webb’s MIRI reaches coldest operating temperature

15-Apr-2022 Science

An instrument onboard the James Webb Space Telescope has reached its final operating temperature - minus 266 degrees...

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James Webb Telescope images star twinkling 18 times

20-Feb-2022 Science

The James Webb Space Telescope is nearing completion of the first phase of the months-long process of aligning the primary...

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“Webb, welcome home!” NASA’s James Webb Space telescope reaches Lagrange 2

25-Jan-2022 Science

NASA's revolutionary James Webb Space Telescope has reached the final orbit in space on Tuesday, after a month of space...

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NASA’s Webb Telescope unfolds primary mirror, set for big action

09-Jan-2022 Science

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope completed the final stage of all major spacecraft deployments to begin operations in deep...

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How James Webb Space Telescope will map the atmosphere of exoplanets

08-Jan-2022 Science

The telescope, launched on Dec. 25, 2021, is expected to revolutionize the field of exoplanetary...

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What’s next for NASA’s newly launched James Webb Space Telescope

27-Dec-2021 Science

NASA's next-generation James Webb telescope enroute to space to probe galaxies, distant worlds will take 29 days to reach its...

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James Webb telescope and uncovering some of the universe’s deepest secrets

26-Dec-2021 Technology

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the largest and most expensive and complex telescope ever built, tested and launched into...

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