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Saturday, April 13 2024


The Impact of Sleep on Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

08-Apr-2024 Special

As summer approaches, many individuals are dedicated to achieving their desired physique through diet and exercise. However, besides these traditional methods, one often-overlooked factor in weight loss progress is sleep. Adequate sleep plays a crucial role in both mental and...

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Tips for Better Summer Sleep: Expert Advice

06-Apr-2024 Special

As the summer heat sets in, many people find themselves struggling to get a good night's sleep. Changes in temperature and prolonged daylight exposure are...

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Simple 20 mins workouts can boost brain after a bad night’s sleep

24-Nov-2023 Health & Lifestyle

Didn’t get a good night’s sleep? Just 20 minutes of moderate exercises can boost your brain, according to a study.The study, led by the University...

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Short sleep, shift work may raise risk of high BP: Study

16-Nov-2023 Health & Lifestyle

Short sleep lengths, daytime napping, shift work and even long sleep lengths have been linked to an increased risk of elevated blood pressure and cardiovascular...

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Sleeping less than 5 hrs a night raises depression risk

20-Oct-2023 Health & Lifestyle

Consistently sleeping less than five hours a night might raise the risk of developing depressive symptoms, according to a new genetic...

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Poor sleep, prior medical conditions may raise long Covid risk by 3x

05-Oct-2023 Health & Lifestyle

The risk of long Covid may be three times higher among people who sleep less than six hours per night and also have pre-existing medical...

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ML study links reduced sleep and activity to premature birth

30-Sep-2023 Health & Lifestyle

Lack of sleep and reduced physical activity during pregnancy may increase the risk of premature birth, according to a study.The team used a machine learning...

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Researchers find brain’s blue spot linked to sleep, memory

24-Sep-2023 Health & Lifestyle

A 'blue spot' in the brain linked to sleep and memory has been identified by researchers, an advance that may help understand how sleep is...

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Increase productivity, self-assurance, sleep through mindfulness

14-May-2023 Health

Idanim, a meditation and mental wellness app, just reached the milestone of 1,000 guided meditations over more than 40 categories, including meditations for sleep, antistress,...

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Researchers link disturbed sleep with long Covid breathlessness

17-Apr-2023 Health & Lifestyle

If you are facing breathless episodes after Covid during the day, also check if you are not able to sleep properly as researchers have now...

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Sleep disturbances common among people with long Covid: Study

11-Apr-2023 Health & Lifestyle

Researchers from Cleveland Clinic found 41 per cent of patients with long Covid had moderate to severe sleep...

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