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Monday, April 15 2024


Inauguration of CyberSapiens United LLP Office at Roben Plaza Padavinangady

12-Apr-2024 Mangaluru

On Friday, April 12, the new office premises of 'CyberSapiens United LLP,' a cyber-security firm comprising experts and ethical hackers, was inaugurated at Roben Plaza Padavinangady. The inauguration ceremony saw prominent figures from the industry and media gracing the...

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How Solar Eclipse Looks From Space: NASA Shares Video

09-Apr-2024 World

Millions of individuals in various regions spanning Mexico, Canada, and the United States beheld a rare spectacle on Monday: a total solar...

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1 in 12 Stars May Have Swallowed a Planet: Study

02-Apr-2024 Science

According to, a recent study indicates that a startling number of stars—possibly one in twelve—may have at some point in their lives consumed a...

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Mesmerizing Space Timelapse Reveals Earth’s Beauty

02-Jan-2024 Trending On Web

Instagram users were excited when astronaut Andreas Mogensen of the European Space Agency (ESA) shared a captivating timelapse video of Earth from the International Space...

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Mysterious Space Debris: Australia Awaits Guidance from ISRO

13-Dec-2023 Science & Technology

Six months ago, an enigmatic object discovered on a beach in Western Australia was discovered to be the spent third stage of the Polar Satellite...

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Cereal Box-Size Satellites to Explore Solar Activity

01-Dec-2023 Open Space

NASA scientists have finished building six identical spacecraft the size of cereal boxes with the goal of studying solar radio bursts, and they are currently...

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First-Ever Glimpse: Webb’s Findings in Milky Way Core

21-Nov-2023 Science

In a recent snapshot, the next-generation James Webb Space Telescope recorded a region of our galaxy's dense center in unprecedented clarity, revealing peculiarities that astronomers...

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Euclid Telescope Reveals Stunning Color Images of ‘Dark Universe

08-Nov-2023 Science

The first full-color images of the universe have been beam back by the European Space Agency's (ESA) dark universe probing Euclid...

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AMU to launch its own satellite

29-Oct-2023 India

The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has initiated work on its own ambitious space programme which has been approved by the Indian National Space...

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Bezos unveils Blue Ring platform to provide in-space logistics & delivery

17-Oct-2023 Science & Technology

After dominating e-commerce goods deliveries on Earth, Jeff Bezos’ aviation company Blue Origin has unveiled Blue Ring, a spacecraft platform...

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India’s solar observatory Aditya-L1 escapes earth’s sphere of influence

30-Sep-2023 Science & Technology

India’s space-based solar observatory Aditya-L1 has successfully escaped the sphere of Earth’s influence and has travelled over 9.2 lakh km till date, the ISRO said...

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