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Thursday, April 18 2024
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Viral Clip: Mom’s Phone Phone Serves as Wake-Up Call

Photo Credit : Twitter

Without a doubt, smartphone addiction is growing in concern on a global scale. An increasing number of people are becoming more and more absorbed in their phones and less engaged with the outside world. A staged video of a woman talking on the phone while her toddler plays nearby has recently gone viral. Eventually, the woman chops veggies while on the phone, but instead of putting the veggies in the refrigerator, she picks up the toddler and places it inside before closing the refrigerator. She then goes about her day as usual.

Later her husband comes to the house and notices the baby’s absence. Both parents anxiously start looking for their child, when the man seemingly listens to the noise coming from the fridge. He opens the fridge and rescues the child before anything untoward happens. All of this is shown in a time-lapse video that seems to be recorded on a CCTV camera. It is said that the video is staged.

It was shared on X (Formerly Twitter) with a simple caption, “Horrible Addiction.” So far, this video has over 3.9 lakh views. Commenting on it, an X user wrote, “Please take care of your kids over smartphones.” Another wrote, “The things you own end up owning you.” However, many people argued that the video looked too staged. Making this point, an X user jokingly mentioned, “Deserves oscar for the ‘original screenplay’ category.” Another quipped, “She was just trying to save that kiddo from scorching heat in India.”

In July 2023, a video went viral that showed a woman standing on a stalled escalator as she stayed engrossed in watching something on her phone. The people around her keep walking up the escalator but she stays rooted on the spot, seemingly unaware that the escalator is not working. This video has over 12 lakh likes.

Commenting on it, an Instagram user wrote, “This is why we have laws about not driving with cell phones. People straight up do not pay attention to anything around them! It’s sad how inattentive people are over their phones.” Another commented, “And no one bothered to let them know. That’s actually worse than not realising the escalator is broken because they’re making a conscious decision to let them keep standing there.”

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