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Bengaluru Software Engineer Sparks Social Media Trend with Rs 80,000 Rent

Bengaluru Software Engineer Sparks Social Media Trend With Rs 80,000 Rent

Viral Post on Living Costs and Lifestyle Choices

Ashish Jha, a software engineer based in Bengaluru, recently ignited a social media sensation by sharing a snapshot of his apartment view along with the revelation of his monthly rent: a staggering Rs 80,000. What began as a surprising disclosure swiftly snowballed into a viral trend, with residents from cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai following suit, sharing their own rental details and views.

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The Trigger and Traction

Jha’s post on X platform garnered significant attention, amassing approximately 10 lakh views since its upload on June 7. In the post, he clarified that he shares a 3-bedroom apartment with two flatmates, prompting a spirited online debate about the financial rationale behind such high rent expenditures when presumably more affordable options might exist.

Prioritizing Time Over Money

In an interview with Moneycontrol, Jha defended his choice, stating, “I respect my time more than money.” He underscored the value of minimizing his daily commute, which had been substantial in his previous job in Delhi.

Addressing Concerns and Justifying Choices


Responding to criticisms regarding high rent and living conditions, Jha pointed out that not every part of Bengaluru encounters water or electricity issues. He also highlighted the presence of a well-functioning metro system in certain areas, which he believes justifies the premium rents.

Diverse Reactions and Perspectives

The post evoked a spectrum of reactions. Some users expressed astonishment and skepticism, while others shared similar experiences from different cities, suggesting alternatives or defending Jha’s perspective. One user commented, “I would rather spend that 80K roaming the world every month than sitting in a cocoon of a house with that wonky view.”

Living with No Regrets

Despite acknowledging drawbacks such as distance from friends, Jha affirmed he has no regrets about his choice. He admitted, “All my friends live too far away! And it takes us a lot of time to visit each other, but apart from that, I have no other regrets.”

This viral incident sheds light on the diverse factors influencing urban living decisions, from financial considerations to lifestyle preferences, sparking a broader conversation about personal choices and priorities in metropolitan areas.

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