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Bengaluru Uber Driver Gets Angry After Passenger Asks Him To Turn On AC

Uber Driver

Social media is abuzz with posts from dissatisfied customers reporting unpleasant experiences with Ola and Uber. Numerous users have complained about sudden cancellations, unruly drivers, scams, and unfair charges. Recently, a video went viral showing a heated argument between an Uber driver and a passenger over a malfunctioning air conditioner.


Dr. Atharv Dawar shared his experience on X, explaining that the Uber driver became irate when he asked him to turn on the AC. The driver claimed it was broken, and the situation escalated when the driver, initially speaking in Hindi, demanded that Dr. Dawar speak in Kannada.

Providing more context, Dr. Dawar wrote on X, “Since everyone is forming an opinion, let me share the context here – the 16-second video is first followed by the other video. I refused to sit in his friend’s Indica as it didn’t have AC and was filthy. Then I sat in his car and he talked to me in Hindi only.” He added, “But the moment I asked him to turn on the AC, he got charged up. Listen to him responding in Hindi, ‘AC nahi hai.’ It’s not about language here; it’s about an arrogant and irresponsible person using Kannada as a smokescreen to scam unsuspecting travelers in Bangalore for work.”

Dr. Dawar also reported the incident to Uber Support and posted a photo of the cab number.

His post garnered significant attention, with many users sharing similar stories. One user commented, “It’s a scam if the booking is for an AC car and the driver refuses to switch it on. His arrogance is objectionable.”

Another recounted, “Not only in Bangalore, the same thing happened to me in Delhi. The driver said, ‘You can get down if you want, but I won’t turn on the AC.’ We had already traveled 2-3 km from my home, and I could miss my flight, so I had no choice. Complaining to Uber doesn’t help.”

A third user added, “The passenger seemed nervous due to the driver’s aggressive behavior. Talking politely isn’t effective; alternative measures should be taken. That driver should be banned by all cab services immediately.”

However, some defended the driver, with one user stating, “What problem… are you a mechanic? Will you fix the AC? He told you many times it’s not working. You can get down or complain in the app after the trip. If you keep insisting, anyone would get rude. It’s not a language issue here.”

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