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Biologist’s Bold Mosquito Feeding Method Goes Viral


A video depicting a biologist feeding his blood to mosquitoes has gained widespread attention on social media platforms. The footage captures the biologist, Perran Ross, willingly immersing his hand into a box teeming with the blood-sucking insects as part of his research endeavors on mosquitoes.



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Shared on the Instagram page 60secdocs, which showcases brief stories of individuals worldwide, the video provides insight into Ross’s unique approach to his work. The caption accompanying the video sheds light on Ross’s role as an experimental biologist, where he regularly exposes himself to mosquito bites as part of his investigations into mosquito traits and lifespans.

In the video, Ross is seen donning a thin glove before plunging his hand into the glass box filled with mosquitoes. As expected, the mosquitoes promptly latch onto his hand to feed, leaving behind a multitude of bites once he withdraws his arm. Ross also articulates his motivations behind this unconventional practice in the video.

Since its dissemination, the video has garnered significant traction, amassing over 4.1 lakh views and nearly 7,100 likes. Responses from Instagram users have been diverse, ranging from expressions of discomfort to inquiries about alternative methods for mosquito feeding. Some users questioned the necessity of Ross subjecting himself to mosquito bites, suggesting alternative approaches for his research.

Dr. Perran Ross, as mentioned on his personal website, serves as a postdoctoral researcher at the Bio21 Institute and the University of Melbourne. His current research focuses on utilizing symbiotic bacteria to manage insect pests and disease vectors.

The video sparks discussion on the methods employed by researchers in studying and understanding mosquitoes’ behavior and biology. While some view Ross’s approach as extreme, others commend his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge in this field.

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