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Blinkit Rolls Out ‘Free Dhaniya’ Following Mom’s Advice

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In keeping with many Indian households’ traditions, online grocery delivery service Blinkit has introduced a “free dhaniya” option for vegetable orders. The user who made the suggestion was motivated by his mother’s counsel. The CEO, Albinder Dhindsa, has committed to further service enhancements in response to client feedback.
The campaign started because of a social media post made by a user who noted that, in contrast to traditional marketplaces, there were no freebies offered, like free dhaniya when purchasing vegetables. The user expressed their mother’s opinion, contending that orders for large vegetables ought to come with free herbs.


Upon being tagged in the post, Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa responded promptly, stating, “Will do,” signalling the company’s commitment to addressing user concerns. Subsequently, in a follow-up post four hours later, Dhindsa announced the implementation of the “free dhaniya” feature, attributing the initiative to the user’s mother, Ankit Sawant.

With over 7000 likes and over 5 lakh views, this X conversation gained a lot of traction. When a screenshot of the recently added option was included, users responded favorably, praising Blinkit for listening to their suggestions.

Funny conversations about the cultural significance of complimentary offerings at grocery stores have been sparked by the news in the comments section. Users have shared their perspectives and anecdotes.

“This Dhaniya update is worth a billion dollars in market cap. 5% higher closing tomorrow,” commented a user.

“Great that you are listening to your customers so promptly. One more request: please introduce jute or cloth bags for carrying refundable fees. I won’t mind paying a small fee to get my blinkit orders always in reusable bags. I feel we are generating a lot of paper waste; otherwise, with qcommerce, the frequency becomes an issue,” wrote another user.

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