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IAS Officer Supriya Sahu Shares Enchanting Elephant Family Video

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Supriya Sahu, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer renowned for sharing captivating wildlife content online, has once again delighted her audience. Presenting a heartwarming video from the depths of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu, this 15-second clip, filmed by wildlife photographer Dhanu Paran, features a serene moment with a beautiful elephant family.


In the video, the elephant family is peacefully asleep in the jungle. Surrounding the young calf, the family members provide what could be likened to “Z Class security.”

Accompanying the post, Sahu reflected, “A serene scene unfolds as an elephant family peacefully rests in the depths of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu. Notice the vigilant protection given to the baby elephant by its family, akin to our own familial bonds.”

Following Sahu’s sharing of the video, it quickly gained traction on social media, with netizens expressing their admiration for the familial bond captured.

One user remarked, “This is a scene worth cherishing and safeguarding.”

Another expressed, “Such moments of beauty are rare and precious. Thank you for sharing.”

“It brightened my day,” commented a third user.

Applauding the forest team’s efforts, a fourth user wrote, “An incredible capture! Credit to the forest team for their innovative initiatives.”

Echoing the sentiment, a fifth user added, “What a heartwarming sight! This image could serve as a desktop wallpaper, fostering wildlife awareness among the younger generation.”

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