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Panipuri With Shawarma? This Bizarre Combo Is A Nightmare For Foodies


There’s no shortage of quirky culinary creations, and Panipuri, also known as Golgappe, often finds itself at the center of these unusual experiments. Despite its widespread popularity, traditionalists are usually wary of tampering with its classic flavors. However, a new entrant into the realm of eccentric food combinations has emerged: the “Pani Puri Shawarma.”

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If you’re a fan of either dish, brace yourself.

Recently, a video surfaced on a microblogging platform by user Mohammed Futurewala showcasing a vendor in Surat who ingeniously melds these two cuisines. In the video, the vendor begins by stuffing puris with shredded chicken, salad, potato fries, and various sauces. This unconventional filling is then topped with chutney, ketchup, and copious amounts of cheese.

In a witty caption, the uploader joked about the origin of this “unique and delectable” creation, attributing it to the vendor’s supposed journey to Turkey. The dish quickly gained traction locally, drawing in food enthusiasts from far and wide. However, reactions on social media have been polarized. While some praised the innovation, many expressed bewilderment and even frustration.


One commenter quipped, “They should cut down on the cheese production. Cheese seems to appear everywhere!” Another remarked, “I couldn’t continue watching after he topped panipuri with that ‘mayonnaise chutney’.”

“There’s an unreal obsession with cheese among these street food vendors,” observed a third user. On a more positive note, another comment suggested, “It’s not bad at all! If dosa can be experimented with in numerous ways, why not poori?”

With numerous such experiments continually surfacing online, it seems people are endlessly fascinated by remixing our beloved panipuri. Previously, Bengaluru made waves with its viral “gold and silver” panipuri, where puris were filled with dry fruits and honey, dipped in thandai, and adorned with edible gold and silver sheets.

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