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Viral Video: Artist Creates Intricate Flower Art with Potato Mash

Floral Toast

Social media is often a treasure trove of mesmerizing culinary creations, showcasing unparalleled levels of creativity, patience, and attention to detail. From intricate cakes to whimsical latte art, these edible artworks never fail to captivate us. Recently, a viral reel featuring a breathtaking floral design on bread has captured the internet’s imagination.


In the video, shared by @artistsuniversum, Chinese artist @jcc1923 transforms a simple slice of white bread into a canvas for her stunning creations. Using a mixture of mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes blended with edible colors, she meticulously sculpts delicate flower petals and leaves. With deft hands, she pushes the mash through a strainer, forming the intricate centers of each flower. Finally, she takes a bite of her “floral toast” masterpiece, presenting it on a plate.

The caption accompanying the reel describes the artist’s process in detail, highlighting her skill in carving vegetables into intricate shapes and arranging them into transient artworks. Hana’s creations seamlessly blend culinary artistry with visual beauty, celebrating the ephemeral nature of both food and art. Her work tantalizes both the eyes and the taste buds, elevating everyday ingredients into extraordinary visual feasts.

With nearly 16 million views, the reel has sparked fascination among viewers worldwide. Comments overflow with admiration for the artist’s talent, with many expressing awe at the intricacy of her designs. Some jest about the time it would take to recreate such masterpieces, while others confess they would rather admire than consume these edible works of art.

This isn’t the first time potato creations have taken social media by storm, further proving that when it comes to culinary creativity, the possibilities are endless.

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