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Viral Video: Little Boy Sings “Badal Barsa Bijuli” and Captivates Viewers


With over 5 million views, a touching video featuring a young boy singing the Nepali song “Badal Barsa Bijuli” has won over hearts on social media. The video, which was shot in the charming Nepalese town of Manang, features the gifted youngster in front of a stunning backdrop of flowers, lush grass, and fluffy clouds. The serene setting gives his performance a unique touch and heightens the video’s emotional effect.



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Viewers have praised the boy’s amazing vocal abilities in this viral video. There’s a history of the song “Badal Barsa Bijuli” going viral on the internet. A previous video that went viral featured a young child dancing to the song at a school event. There was a lot of applause for the dance because of its contagious energy and other students’ involvement.

Princy and Prisma Khatiwada, two sisters from Nepal, are credited with the song’s initial rise to viral fame. The song gained popularity after their 14-second dance reel on Instagram started a chain reaction of memes. This quick performance captured the attention of the audience and helped make the song much more well-known.

“Badal Barsa Bijuli” originally gained fame in 2004 when it was featured in the Nepali film “Kartabya.” Sung by Anand Karki and Prashna Shakya, the song speaks of love’s declaration amid a romantic downpour. The talented duo of Sachin Singh as the composer and Karun Thapa as the lyricist brought this sensuous melody to life.

A blast from the past, “Badal Barsa Bijuli” still strikes a chord with listeners today. This catchy tune and its relatable lyrics have proven to be ageless. Recent viral videos have only fueled its popularity, solidifying its place as a timeless classic.

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