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Viral Video Shows How Two Strangers Became Best Friends on a Flight

Best Friends

A heartwarming video showing how two strangers on a flight became best friends has gone viral, garnering over 29 million views and more than one million likes. The video narrates the story of Siddhi Chokhani and Shubham Pille, whose friendship began on an IndiGo flight and has lasted for ten years.


In the video, Chokhani is initially seen addressing the camera while seated on the flight, with text on the screen stating, “I found a cute guy on the flight.” The camera then reveals Pille sitting in front of her, engrossed in his phone. Chokhani writes a charming note on a napkin, which reads, “You’re cute” along with her phone number, and discreetly hands it to him. Pille reads the note, smiles, and writes a reply on the napkin: “Just like you.”

Siddhi Chokhani posted the video on Instagram, captioning it, “A decade and counting.”


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IndiGo commented on the video, saying, “Who knew that a chance meeting at 30,000 feet could lead to a friendship that soars even higher?” The company added, “Here’s to the unexpected connections that make life’s journey truly remarkable. Cheers to many more adventures together!”

Responses from viewers included comments like “Haha. So cute,” “I don’t have that much guts,” and “I wish someone gets inspired and does this to me.” Others remarked on the quick connection, with one saying, “That was fast,” and another lamenting, “Why I never find such ‘cute guy’ in flights that I catch?” Another viewer expressed, “Let sudden things happen. All are strangers anyways.”

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