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Australia to Cap Foreign Student Enrollments at Universities


Australia is preparing to enact new laws that will restrict the number of international students who can enroll in its universities. The decision is being made to guarantee sustainable growth and lessen the nation’s housing shortage.


Following the new rule’s implementation, the education minister would have the authority to establish a cap on the total number of new international students that schools could accept. Institutions that have specially constructed dorms for students would be permitted to surpass these caps, though.

As per the official website of the Ministers’ Media Center, the Australian government will introduce new legislation within this week to “support the integrity and sustainability of the international education sector.”

Australia has been consistently tightening regulations for international students amid rising immigration pressures on the housing market.

The country had recently made it tougher for international students to get visas. It has increased the amount of money a student must have as savings to enter the country. The required amount will now be 75% of the national minimum wage.

In March, the government also raised English language requirements for student visas and has been implementing policies to prevent students from extending their stay through various loopholes. A new assessment called the Genuine Student Test was also introduced to ensure visas are used for studying purposes.

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