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Harold D’Souza: An Inspiring Story of a Healthy Marriage

# 011 Of 011 Harold Dsouza An Inspiring Story Of A Healthy Marriage May 29, 2024

Cincinnati [OH]: The story of Harold and Dancy D’Souza is inspiring and signifies something important that is missing in most relationships today — the will to not give up.


On May 29, 2024, this incredible couple Harold and Dancy D’Souza, have accomplished 10,958 days, 360 months i.e. 30 years of Happy Married Life. The D’Souza’s have overcome the storms of stigma, and slavery to find themselves now on the shores of happiness, prosperity, and freedom.

Manvendra Singh Gohil, Prince of Rajpipla, Human Rights Activist, and Board Member of Eyes Open International, said; “There are individuals who come to this beautiful earth to make a positive change. When these individuals’ partner with someone who are equally passionate to work for the same cause then such a couple is definitely ranked for creating a great source of inspiration for many others.”

“One such couple is Harold and Dancy D’Souza. I consider myself fortunate to have been involved in the activities jointly carried out by the D’Souza’s through the World-Famous non-profit organization, Eyes Open International working on issues of Human Trafficking, Slavery, and Bondage.”

“ It gives me immense pride to wish them a very happy, healthy, and a successful 30th marriage anniversary on May 29, 2024. May they have many more anniversaries together and continue to live in the hearts and minds of several needy individuals”.

Dipun and Purnima Roy, from Vadodara, Gujarat spoke to the press; “Getting married maybe easy but surviving the commitment of marriage is exactly the opposite of easy.

Marriage brings with it responsibilities in each and every moment which requires practical solutions to situations in everyday life.

When two persons having different likes, dislikes, and personalities come together and form a family, it is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride, more so with the complexities of culture and country, and it is nothing less than mutual love and respect that makes life more beautiful.

Harold and Dancy, both of you are an inspiration to all, as you stand strong with each other and create the life of your dreams, giving happiness to all those who come in your lives.

May God bless Harold and Dancy with love, progress and prosperity as they grow older and wiser together. Happy 30th anniversary and best wishes to Harold and Dancy”.

 What seems like an underlying problem in most relationships today is that after a point, there is no effort put in by both sides to stay together.

Some might say that there was no spark anymore, while others have reasons like trauma, stigma, poverty, sickness and a busy schedule, owing to which relationships, like marriage, take a backseat.

People choose not to open up emotionally and avoid confrontations, thus leading them to drift apart. That is when stories like Harold and Dancy D’Souza come as a whiff of fresh air.

Marlene O’Brien from Cincinnati, Ohio shared; “Marriage has traditionally meant, in many cultures, as a joining of two individuals in a commitment of love.

This commitment involves an element of trust which goes beyond just a promise or pledge.

This trust involves an intimate association of honor, support, faithfulness and choice.  This trust involves courage and faith. We acknowledge all of these aspects of marriage as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Harold and Dancy D’Souza.

Their commitment to marriage is definitely an example of trust and love.  And, especially in their case, the importance of support and courage was greatly tested.

These two wonderful parents of two boys Bradly and Rohan traveled together to a new country only to become victims of work trafficking.

Due to their unyielding faith in God and each other, they found the courage to fight for their families’ freedom.

They found within each other the quality of mind and spirit needed to face the difficulties and dangers of revolting against those who held them in bondage.

They now continue their efforts to help others facing the same circumstances. So, Happy Anniversary Harold and Dancy D’Souza”.

Harold D’Souza reflected; “Full credit goes to my affectionate wife Dancy. Blessings of joy have been bestowed by our loving sons Bradly and Rohan. God has been gracious. We as a family believe in ‘FAITH’ and not ‘FATE’.

Dancy and I have received the best gift in our lives on our 30th marriage anniversary – a ‘Lavish Alaskan Cruise’ presented by Bradly and Rohan D’Souza. The best and most beautiful moments of our life are when our sons have joined us on this ‘Alaskan Cruise’. God is Good”.

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