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IIM Amritsar Students Protest Heat with Mess Area Sleep-In

Sleep Protest

Amid soaring temperatures across the country, this summer has become exceedingly challenging in numerous regions. Students at an educational institution in Amritsar recently expressed their frustration with the scorching heat by staging a distinctive protest.

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Reportedly from IIM Amritsar, a video surfaced showing students sleeping in the institute’s mess area in silent protest against the administration’s failure to provide adequate air conditioning in their dormitories amidst the ongoing heatwave.

According to sources, the mess is among the few sections of the IIM Amritsar hostel equipped with air conditioning. The video depicts students reclining on cafeteria chairs, some even resting on tables, symbolizing their discontent with the current cooling facilities.

A post accompanying the video on X platform stated, “IIM Amritsar students protested for AC installation in their hostel by sleeping in the library that has AC. One student remarked, ‘Modern problems require modern solutions’.” The user later corrected the location to the mess area instead of the library.


Numerous individuals empathized with the students, commending their peaceful approach to voicing demands. Many argued that in today’s conditions, fans often prove insufficient, advocating for the installation of coolers and air conditioning units.

A former student of IIM Amritsar commented, “Having recently graduated, I can attest to the unbearable heat at times. This demand was raised last year but saw limited progress. The temperature hovers around 45 degrees Celsius but feels closer to 50 in certain areas, including some temporary hostels.”

Another individual added, “It’s disappointing that a prestigious institution struggles to provide ACs in 50-degree Celsius temperatures, prompting students to protest.”

Amritsar has been grappling with an intense heatwave lately. On Friday, the city recorded a maximum temperature of 44.8 degrees Celsius.

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