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Indian Expat in Singapore Returns to Bengaluru for Life’s Unknowns

Aakash Dharmadhikari

An Indian expatriate living in Singapore, Aakash Dharmadhikari, has ignited a lively discussion on social media after announcing his decision to move back to Bengaluru. Dharmadhikari, who is the co-founder of Realfast, explained that his choice to return to India was influenced by the comfort and ease of life his family experienced in Singapore. He shared that he and his wife wanted their daughter to experience life’s uncertainties, something she hadn’t encountered in the highly structured environment of Singapore.

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In his post, Dharmadhikari stated, “Partly we are moving to Bangalore to get my daughter accustomed to the uncertainties of life. Singapore is just too perfect, and we felt it was making her soft. Sadly, we had also forgotten what the chaos in India feels like… turns out we have become soft as well.”

Here is his tweet:

As his tweet gained traction, amassing over 100,000 views, Dharmadhikari further clarified, “I was missing the unique and passionate conversations I regularly have in Bangalore. I wanted to reconnect with people I worked with over the past decade, something I missed in Singapore.”

His post sparked a range of reactions on social media, with users offering a mix of empathy and caution. One user pointed out, “Life in Bangalore is tougher than in other Indian cities. The high traffic severely limits mobility,” to which Dharmadhikari acknowledged but emphasized his desire to reunite with friends in Bengaluru.


Another user shared a similar experience, saying, “I moved back from Canada over two years ago. Despite the daily chaos, I don’t regret leaving Canada. It was the right decision for me.”

A user commented, “Singapore feels artificial to me. Life isn’t perfect, and we strive for it, but it isn’t. Before you move, consider the quality of air, food, water, and law and order. The quality of life at home is not great.”

Another user warned, “This might be self-inflicted misery. If you’re seeking chaos, you might regret it. My daughter faced bullying for her accent and struggled with unfamiliar teaching methods after we moved back.”

One commenter argued, “The idea that chaos builds resilience is flawed. Stability fosters well-being and growth. Chaos can undermine mental health and hinder progress. True strength and adaptability come from a balanced environment, not chaos.”


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