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Rishi Sunak Releases Video on Migration Reduction Efforts

Rishi Sunak
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Two weeks subsequent to receiving approval from Britain’s King Charles on a pivotal legislation linked to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s initiative to relocate asylum seekers to Rwanda, Mr. Sunak shared a video on X platform, showcasing some of the initiatives he’s implemented to curtail migration.


The UK recently enforced regulations, effective January 1 this year, disallowing foreign students from bringing their families into the country, with exemptions for postgraduate research and government-funded scholarship students.

The brief video, lasting 15 seconds, displayed text on a sheet of paper addressing the issue of foreign students relocating with their families to the UK. A hand, presumably belonging to Mr. Sunak, stamped the sheet with red ink, boldly stating, “STOPPED.”

Subsequent sheets in the video highlighted similar scenarios: foreign master’s students bringing family members, overseas care workers relocating with dependants, and immigration practices undercutting British workers, all marked with the same red “STOPPED.”

“We’ve implemented measures to mitigate migration. Applications for student dependants have seen an 80 percent decline,” Mr. Sunak remarked in the post.

In May 2023, the UK government had unveiled a stringent immigration policy aimed particularly at overseas students, including those from India, restricting their visa rights to bring dependent family members while enrolled at a British institution.

Citing a significant surge in dependent visas granted to sponsored students’ families, reaching 136,000 in the year ending December 2022 from a mere 16,000 in 2019, the UK government deemed these measures necessary. provide news headline 75 characters

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