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Stabbing at Central China School Leaves Two Dead; Suspect in Custody


At a primary school in central China on Monday, a woman brandishing a fruit knife killed two people and injured four more, according to state media, which cited local police.


According to state broadcaster CCTV, the attack happened in the Jiangxi province city of Guixi at around noon.

When rescue attempts failed, two people lost their lives. According to the report, six more people got “minor scratches” and four more people sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

CCTV did not provide the victims’ ages.

The suspect, a 45-year-old surnamed Pan, is being held by police and the case is under investigation, CCTV said.

Mass violent crime is relatively rare in China, which strictly prohibits citizens from owning firearms, but there has been a spate of stabbings in recent years.

This month, two people were killed and 21 wounded after a man went on a stabbing spree at a hospital in southwest China’s Yunnan province.

And last August in the same province, two people died and seven others were wounded after a man with a history of mental illness attacked people with a knife.

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