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Marketing Advice for Businesses on Reddit

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Reddit can be a great place for businesses to market their products and services. However, it’s important to follow the site’s guidelines and etiquette if you want your posts to be successful. In this blog post, we’ll provide some marketing advice for businesses that are looking to promote themselves on Reddit. We’ll discuss how to find relevant subreddits, create engaging content, and use effective hashtags. So, if you’re looking to take your business’ marketing efforts up a notch, keep reading!

Build a Community

One of the best ways that you can market your business on Reddit is by first building a community. It needs to be understood that Reddit is not like Instagram or Facebook, where open marketing is accepted. Reddit thrives on small communities that engage, and as such, the best way to market your brand is by building a community.

If you want this to be even more organic then a great idea would be to use a personal account rather than a business account. More than this, it would be a great idea to start a subreddit of your own about whatever niche you’re in. Keep in mind that the content within your subreddit needs to be interesting and entertaining to attract people.


Unless you haven’t used Reddit before or don’t know much about the social media platform, the key rule when it comes to Reddit is participation. Interestingly enough, the entire platform is based on the idea of participating, and this is evident from the fact that you earn points called Karma when you participate.

Gaining karma is incredibly important if you are looking to market on Reddit since it means that you have some authority on the platform. There are many different ways to earn, such as using a Reddit growth service that will provide more upvotes on your posts, commenting and posting within subreddits, and creating your posts. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem, since you will need to be creating great content anyway, so that will just come with time. Some subreddits even require you to have a certain amount of karma before you join.

Content First

The next thing that you are going to need to keep in mind if you are marketing on Reddit in 2022 is that content takes priority. One way to think about this is that you are a Redditor first and then a brand second, or as the guidelines say; you have a Reddit account and a website, rather than being a website with a Reddit account.

In terms of the content that you produce, it always has to be relevant to the subreddit that you are posting within. More than this, you should avoid generic content as much as possible, since Redditors can easily find this on the Internet. Finally, you should avoid just posting about your brand, creating subreddits that are about your brand, or posting polls.

Read Subreddit Rules

One of the most important things that you can do if you are marketing on Reddit is to read the subreddit rules very carefully before posting. There are thousands of subreddits to be found on the social media platform, and each of these subreddits has different rules. This means before posting anything into the subreddit, you need to ensure that you have familiarized yourself with the different rules, the etiquette, and what’s acceptable.

When it comes to the general etiquette of using Reddit, they are a few things you need to keep in mind, which are; Always reading the guidelines before posting in a community, making sure that you are not posting duplicate content, thinking about how you speak to others, and using sources in posts.

Reddit Ads

Finally, there are many other ways of marketing on Reddit in 2022, such as using the advertising options provided by the platform. However, much like the rest of Reddit, there are still quite a few rules and guidelines that need to be followed.

For example, any advertisements that are made with the video format need to be of the highest quality and can’t contain any flashing or strobing. In addition to this, professional advertisements are of the utmost importance, which means that the images that you use need to be of high quality; you should not use many symbols or emojis, excessive capitalization is frowned upon, and grammar needs to be perfect without typos.

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