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5 Spices that Must be Consumed in Moderation During Summer

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In the realm of culinary wisdom, spices are hailed for their dual benefits of combating inflammation and fortifying immunity. However, the suitability of certain spices varies with the seasons, particularly in the sweltering heat of summer. While spices can bolster digestion, enhance flavor profiles, and facilitate nutrient absorption, it’s imperative to tread carefully during warmer months to avoid disrupting gut equilibrium.

Consider ginger, renowned for its therapeutic properties in winter months but requiring moderation in summer to avert overheating maladies. Similarly, while chili peppers add zest to dishes, they may exacerbate heartburn and acidity issues for many during summertime. Garlic, with its inherent warmth, warrants restraint in consumption during the hotter months to sidestep potential discomfort.

Dr. Zeel Gandhi, an Ayurveda practitioner, underscores the importance of mindful spice selection during summer. Here are some spices to approach with caution:

1. Ginger: Known as the “Mahoushadh” in Ayurveda, excessive fresh ginger intake can elevate body heat in summer. Consider opting for the dry variant (sonth) to mitigate blood and Pitta-related concerns.

2. Asafoetida: While beneficial for metabolism, those with dominant Pitta dosha or blood inflammations should exercise caution with this spice in warmer weather.

3. Chilies: Capsaicin-rich chilies, in their various forms, should be used sparingly in summer to avoid aggravating gut issues such as heartburn.

4. Clove: Eugenol, the essential oil in cloves, imparts intense heat and is best used judiciously during hot climates, especially for those prone to bleeding disorders or with a predominant Pitta constitution.

5. Garlic: Renowned for its pungency, garlic’s heat can be overwhelming, particularly for Pitta individuals or those with blood imbalances during summer.

On the flip side, certain spices can enhance metabolism without excessively heating the body during summer. Dr. Zeel recommends incorporating the following into your summer culinary repertoire:

Cumin, mint, dill, carom, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, fennel, coriander, chives, and black pepper in moderation.

Indeed, spices play a pivotal role in gastronomy, aiding digestion, harmonizing doshic imbalances, and augmenting nutrient absorption. By judiciously selecting spices tailored to the season, one can savor flavorful meals while promoting holistic well-being.

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