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Mizoram Primary School Welcomes 8 Sets of Twins, Photo Viral

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According to The Assam Tribune, Government College Veng Primary School, a nearby elementary school in Aizawl, has drawn a surprising amount of attention. This year, the school has experienced an incredible influx of twins; on Monday, a photo of eight sets of twins went viral on social media.


Seven sets of identical twins and one set of fraternal twins make up this exceptional occurrence. The presence of so many twins in the classroom is greatly appreciated by the school’s faculty. Although the school has previously accepted twin enrollments, this year’s eight sets of twins break all previous records, according to Headmaster H Lalventluanga.

“We were delighted to discover during a staff discussion this morning that we have eight sets of twins currently studying in various classes,” H Lalventluanga told The Assam Tribune. “Last year, we only had four sets enrolled.”

The Headmaster further elaborated that the twins come from a mix of localities in Aizawl, including College Veng, ITI, and Salem Veng. There’s a good gender balance among the twins, with one set of fraternal twins, four sets of girls, and three sets of boys.

“We have one fraternal pair, four pairs of girls, and three pairs of boys studying in our school. KG 1 has two pairs of boys, one fraternal pair, and one pair of girls. KG 2 has one male pair, while Class 1 has a pair of girls, and another two pairs of girls in Class 2,” he added.

Interestingly, one of the fraternal twin sets belongs to the Headmaster himself. His son, Remruatdika, and daughter, Lalzarzovi, are currently in KG 1 and will be turning five years old on July 21st.

Lalventluanga also mentioned another school in the area, Government Rev. Thianga Primary School located in Bethlehem, which has enrolled four sets of twins.

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