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Bidar: Blaze Engulfs Transformer Repair Centre

Bidar Transfermor Fire Accident

Bidar: A fire erupted on Sunday morning at the transformer repair center located within the premises of the Jyoti Colony GESCOM office in Bidar. The blaze caused extensive damage, burning transformers, electrical wires, and a large quantity of diesel. Luckily, all six staff members present at the time managed to escape unharmed.


The transformer repair center is responsible for servicing damaged transformers from public locations and agricultural fields. The fire, suspected to be caused by a short circuit, broke out early on Sunday and quickly engulfed the facility.

Firefighters from the local department and the Air Force responded swiftly to the emergency. It took them over an hour to extinguish the flames completely.

“The fire caused significant damage,” said Ramesh K. Patil, Executive Engineer of the GESCOM Bidar Sub-Division. “We’ve lost over 50 transformers, a substantial amount of diesel, and electrical wiring. We’re still assessing the full extent of the financial losses.”

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, with a short circuit being the primary suspect. Thankfully, no injuries were reported in the incident.


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