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Know Your Child

Your child’s intelligence is beyond marks! 

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“Hey!! What kind of marks are these? You are good for nothing. What a shame”!

There are few parents who use these phrases while addressing the kids. Due to a wrong notion, few parents believe that only if their children score good marks they are intelligent. Thus, children are pressurised to perform well, expected to compete with their fellow classmates and friends. Every human being has competitive nature that is inherent in them, however, undue pressure makes the child lose his or her innocence at an early age.

Surprisingly, intelligence is a vast subject, and scores are not the only tool to judge your child’s intelligence. The marks indicate how well the person has prepared for the topics he/she learned, what is his or her level of understanding. In simple words, it is just a test to assess your knowledge. Few pieces of research show that certain areas in the human brain correspond to certain spaces of knowledge, all of which are distinct and relatively independent of each other.

Coming to intelligence, there are eight types of intelligence. Yes, you read it right and they are elaborated here below.

1)    The Quick Witted Child

These children’s problem-solving ability is distinct, mostly of non-verbal intelligence. If you give any problem they have the right answer in mind before they can verbalise it. They show high interest in solving mysterious brain teasers, puzzles, and logic exercises. They hardly need a calculator because their brain does that work. This intelligence is known as logical-mathematical intelligence.

2)    The Poetic Child

Children with this type of intelligence have linguistic intelligence. They have high skills at reading, talking, writing poems, telling stories and cracking jokes. They learn different languages easily, and often they play word games. Their ability to narrate a story is unique.

3)    The Musician Child

Children with musical intelligence are sensible to music, and sounds. They have a great ability to sing, listen to music, and compose songs. They require minimal training to learn music skills. They can easily memorise songs and tunes.

4)    ‘I Know ME’ Child

As the name indicates children with intrapersonal intelligence know themselves better. They like to work independently, set goals and work on their goals on their own. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

5)    ‘I Know YOU’ Child

Children with interpersonal intelligence understand others well. They are empathetic, caring, and like to work in a group. They are like to do social service, ready to lend their helping hand to needy people.

6)    The Nature Lover Child

These are children with naturalistic intelligence like hiking, and camping. They show immense care for animals and environment. They set ideas to recycle and reuse the materials.

7) `My Body Belongs To Me` Child

It is the ability to use the whole body in the expression of ideas and feelings. They use their hands to transform the elements. This is known as Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence. Children with this kind of intelligence show a high interest in dancing, acting, imitating gestures, playing sports, moving, and jumping.

8)    ‘My Space My World` Child

Children with spatial intelligence have the capacity to think in three-dimension. They are good at solving spatial problems like drawing, painting, and reading maps.

To conclude, as the quote says don’t judge a book by its cover and hence, never underestimate your child’s ability.

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Each child is unique hence its parents’ responsibility to observe in which area their children are good at and encourage them to do better in life.

Image by Josh Manheimer

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Ramya E.

The author is a counselor and lifeskills trainer who has trained over 2000 students. She holds an M.Sc. in Psychology.

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