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What is a toxic relationship and how to recognise it?

What is a toxic relationship?
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Any relationship that fundamentally makes you feel worse than better over time has the potential to deteriorate into toxicity. Any setting, including the workplace, the bedroom and the playground, can harbour toxic interactions. Even unhealthy connections within your own family may be a problem for you.

Since they are already sensitive to negative emotions, those with mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, significant depression, or even depressed tendencies may be especially vulnerable to toxic relationships. For instance, a person with bipolar disorder who is experiencing a mixed or depressive episode may be less emotionally stable than other people, which could make them a target for toxic people. But toxic individuals can have an impact on anyone.

Whatever you need to know about toxic relationships, including what makes one toxic and how to tell if you are in one, is provided here. Additionally, you will get advice on how to manage these kinds of relationships successfully, such as the benefits of internet therapy or couples counselling.

Only you know if a relationship’s negative aspects exceed its positive ones. But it is probably a poisonous relationship if someone continuously jeopardises your safety through their words, actions, or inaction. Abuse in relationships, whether physical or verbal, is unquestionably destructive. If you have tried establishing boundaries but the other person won’t abide by them, it might be time to call it quits. Remember that putting your needs and health first is the most crucial thing, even though it can be difficult to do so.

You might need to create a support system if you are ending a love relationship to do so securely. For instance, you might decide to speak with them in a public setting if you are worried about how they will respond. So that you can arrange to meet up with them thereafter, let a trusted person know when this will occur and where you will be. Until you find a new place to live apart from your partner, you might need to stay with relatives or friends.

It is crucial to put your health and well-being first when coping with any kind of toxic relationship. As a result, if you are dealing with someone who saps your happiness and vitality, think about getting rid of them or at the very least, cutting back on your time spent with them. Seek immediate assistance if you are the victim of physical or emotional abuse.

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